RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2023 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 03/01/2023


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      Though the breeze didn’t always play nice, it was great to be back with the ‘duckers for our first sail for 2023.

      Many of us struggled with the fickle conditions as did our Poonie #81. His good starts were often short lived with the fleet regularly overtaking him before the finish line.

      Bloody Geoff #80 showed good form early in the first two races thereafter putting the black beast on cruise control for the rest of the morning. Bloody Geoff lived up to his monica after an altercation with the embankment in the car park before he could finally get to his hot coco and marshmallows.

      Gadget #61 conversely took a while to get his mojo working, languishing toward the tail for the majority of races before finally making the podium in races six and seven.

      The Admiral #23 likewise had a lethargic start to the day, missing his regular allotted number of buoys before finally dragging himself across the line for a first place in race five.

      Shortly thereafter a Southerly change came in and the short course we had adopted earlier was discarded for the full length sausage between buoys one and four.

      The freshening breeze was a welcome change especially to Scrooge’s RG#08. The stiffer breeze and the longer course suited the Jammy Dodger and it is no surprise that Stuart takes out the overall win today, congratulations.

      Sheep #37 was showing good speed from excellent starts. But like many of us he faded in the fickle conditions. It wasn’t all bad though, at least it kept him from scoring!

      The Smiling Assassin #32 sailed well grabbing two podiums in races five and seven but was always creeping closer to the pointy end with each successive race run.

      The prize for consistency today must go to our Bodge #6. Never placing further back than fifth all morning he then banged in two seconds, finishing in fine style with an outright victory for the last race of the day.

      Congratulations Bodge on some fine sailing and winning the DF65 class only division.

      Great to see the Trout #11 back at da Duck. Despite a killer workload for his role in the latest Sydney to Hobart race and yet another operation on his back before that, our Trout came back showing he had lost none of his skill in piloting the purple people eater to perfection on the pond. 😉

      Jammy #38 started in top gear today winning the first three races on the trot. The new day-glow hull was a beacon up front but his handicap of 50 seconds was just too much to make up thereafter and so he languished with the back markers from that point on.

      With our dear friends Graeme and Sue down the passage enjoying their break it was left to Gadget to ensure the day’s scoring ran smoothly and without fuss.

      Preparations are now underway for our annual Peter Smith Memorial to be held this year on Saturday March 4th. Some course maintenance is required beforehand and volunteers for this plus helping out on the day of the event will be most welcome.






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      Another great summary Admiral , nice work 👍

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        Thanks Bodge!

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          Hey Col,

          I am happy to assist with course maintenance and on the day for PS Memorial Day.

          cheers Bodge

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          Fantastic! Thanks Bodge.

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      Well done Bodgey, good to see you on the winning list.

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        Thanks Jammy, another close finish eh , came down to the last race 👍

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