RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 03-08-2021

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      Another day of DF65 racing at the Duck.

      Scores provided by Ron C

      First Place on 9 points was #32 Phil, Second Place on 24 points was #23 Col “The Admiral” and Third on 26 points was #225 Jeremy.

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      As Kermit was missing, I had to give up sailing and take the video.

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      Twas wonderful to be out @ da duck again and also fantastic to welcome Jeremy Fish (“J” 225) into our little band of reprobates. Jeremy has been a member of RCToys for ages but disadvantaged by employment and unable to get the time off to join us.
      Andrea joined us for the last time this week and once again sailed well. In a very short time she has gone from complete novice to competitive sailor and is showing a real aptitude for RC sailing. Come back soon Andrea!
      Gerald, love the video thanks, especially the talking duck …. Nice touch.
      Big thanks also to Sue for scoring and Ron for organising and running a top day @ da duck once again.

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      WELL WASNT THAT A QUACKER VIDEO   who knew that UNCLE G could do a sail boat video  and fairly well to however I do have issue with him UNCLE G  you cant just steal a fellas signature theme  IE wild life  my ducks my film  go find your own  They were the best part of the video    My non appearance was due to guttering needed on the shed  ( before rain  ) leading into a new tank  took all day BUGGAR OF A JOB  I was guttered after it    GOOD TRY uncle g

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      Hat cam footage of the last race:


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      ARRRRRH  RON  SUPER .TOPNOTCH .FANTASTIC  BRILLIANT   if only that other video fella  could pull off a video like this one of yours  no catchy ” themes ” not needed with your raw talent  well done ol salt

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      It was great to finally be able to get along for a sail! I had a fantastic time!

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