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      Had to pinch myself to be sure, but could we possibly have yet another cracking day @ da Duck? Yep, another beauty!

      Soaking up the sunshine in glorious 5 – 7 knot breezes, pretty sure the ten DF65 jockeys who came along today were all feeling the same.

      Racing was ridiculously close at all times with most skippers having a crack at the pointy end. There was the odd comical wind direction change but overall it was a remarkably steady NNWesterly smack in the middle of A+ Rig.

      Great to see old mate Ron #71 back on the pond. Ron tried his hand at fountain wrangling and now has seriously challenged our Kermit #82 for last place domination. Kermit let his guard slip today and accidentally won two races. He has promised not to do it again.

      Paul #59 steadily picked up his pace and by race five had the Tiger Cub flying into second place. Brother Justin #61 also showed some good pace and by race 10 had converted that into a podium finish also.

      John #62 gets the gong today for most improved performance with some scintillating form rewarding him with two thirds and two fourths.

      Ricky #92 was danger close all morning, laying down a marker with a win in race two, followed by two second places then a whole bunch of fourths and fifths.

      Three wins Geoff #80 had a great day at the pond today. With two thirds and three wins he at times seemed unstoppable. Geoff had three wins today. 😉

      Col #23 pulled off a rare coup by managing to hopelessly entangle his poor boat on buoy three in the first lap of race nine. This has never been done before but pretty much typifies his run of ‘Duck luck’ today.

      Gerald #02 had better luck, sailed beautifully and ran a very consistent series of second and third places, but today it just wasn’t enough.

      Pete #78 aka Pink Bits blitzed the field with a masterclass of fine sailing and good decisions. With three wins, two seconds and two thirds Pete is our well deserved champion for today.

      After 11 races with two drops the final scores were:

      Ron on 68 points, Paul on 63, Justin on 59, Kermit on 50, John on 48, Ricky on 33, Geoff on 33 (countback), Col on 29, Gerald on 25 and our winner today Pete on 23 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thanks for being there to make the day great.

      Big thank you to Phil Jackman for undertaking the RO’s duty today. Phil be returning in a fortnight’s’ time with his new 65, so looking forward to that.

      Mike had rigging problems with his boat this morning that couldn’t be sorted, so instead took some fantastic photos of the day’s action. Thanks Mike!

      More of Mike’s pics from today here!

      Words by Col and Duck luck for everyone!

      This Thursday 5th is IOM’s at da Duck with Gerald and the following Tuesday is DF95’s. Hope to see you there!

      Scratch Race 1

      Handicap Race 2


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      Great day of racing at the Duck with “Duck Luck” often the difference between a good or a not so good place.  I had my share of the Luck today – next week it may be me on the fountain!!

      Thanks to Phil for the smooth running of the races.

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      Videos are now added to Col’s post

      My issue today was not an insurmountable rigging issue, it was operator error pure & simple. In the rush to get to The Duck on time, I picked up the transmitter for the DF95 instead of the 65.

      Oh well at least not sailing today meant for a bit of race video & some better pics.

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      As I had no use of the great wall for wind protection  today  it was indeed sad to look at predator without a transmitter in his hands  but there lies a gift  a gift of film more precisely of video and pictures from the master   RonB     Justin and Paul were all scavenging for the holiest of holey place today with a fine efforts from the three I beleave that the brothers are not serious about the coveted rear guard  so I don’t expect the high standard from these two to continue  on this front rear.  as for the rest of the sea dogs madly bashing crashing twisting colliding   to get on the podium was an eye opener to watch……. the extent some will go to  to arrive at the two boys girls to claim a place  between the buoys girls markers ( all legal mind you )  shows how desperate sailors in general are for the top spot  I witnessed one baby fluffy duck diving for its life  as several madly cascading yachts closed to where it was innocently paddling…….. have those sailors given any thought how traumatised that baby fluffle wuffie duck will grow up to be  I think not    Disappointing today after the sailing  at the long table was when Miss Ricky refused to give a massage to kermit  as owed    but was offset with the admirals unfolding of the projected future of the ponds direction  in essence as I understood it  Two sets of races will be the norm  One group starts off and the next group start at the other end of the pond  each going in the opposite direction (he saw it on utube ) so it must be good   as there was no opposition to the idea that will be the way in the future  Clapping was again given to our Phil for the RO’s job  and to Pete for his outstanding ability to beat UNCLE G   on this one day   ………AS I SAW IT

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      Great photos and videos Mike.

      Kermit – interesting perspective on our future races – not sure that I want you as our future PRO!!!!

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        Thanks Pete,

        I’d have rather been sailing but it does make the video & photography work much easier when you are not trying to sail @ the same time.

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      Pete I understand where your coming from  I’m quite happy to remain in the back ground unobtrusive /quite /reserved  /little green fella in the corner no one sees  or hears  that’s me

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