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      As forecast and right on time the clouds parted and the sun broke through for twelve happy DF95 skippers & da Duck this morning.

      Only thing missing was a nice steady breeze!

      From light to non-existent, the zephyrs toyed with the fleet for most of the morning. Those skippers who started well and could get clear air generally got better results.

      David came along to watch while he is awaiting delivery of his ‘65 but instead found a transmitter in his hands skippering Kermit’s second boat (‘65). Ross too is waiting out the vagaries of Hobby Warehouses’ recently erratic delivery stream and he also found Kermit’s second transmitter in his hand when he took took time out to capture the racing action for the group. Ross did well but judging the marks and learning the correct etiquette for them all takes time.

      John B #74 is keen to learn and with his new boat is beginning to make progress up the results ladder also. Keep up the good work.

      John M #168 is likewise learning the craft of RC racing from scratch. We all started out that way but he has made a good start by hanging out in the supportive company of the Merry Men of Puddleduck Pond.

      Kermit #82 was busy today but still managed to get in a few races despite loaning out boats and shooting Media that we will all enjoy looking at afterwards. Always a buoyant personality, Kermit happily reclaimed his favourite last place today amid much excitement.

      Mike #96 as usual enjoyed his sailing today. Abigail didn’t complain too much about the extra weight of a GoPro9 strapped to her bustle, in fact it seemed to make her go faster!

      The handicap system has recently had an overhaul to make it more relevant. Big thanks to Mike for all his work on configuring and implementing these changes.

      The Admiral #72 was relieved to finally overcome a recent form slump to claim second place overall today. A few traffic problems early on crashed his results but he followed this up with a string of three first places in races four through six.

      Good to see old mate Geoff #79 back @ da Duck today. The light conditions messed with everyones’ heads today but more so with our Geoff who came with his boat set up for stronger winds than those which eventuated. At least it was the correct boat this time 😉

      Trouty #58 was back on the pond sailing Stuart’s ‘95 however it was also set up for stronger winds and suffered a similar fate.

      Today will be Pete’s #27 last sail @ da Duck for  a while as he is being called away on family business for the next few weeks on the mainland. Always a stalwart competitor, Pete’s string of good results finished him on equal points with Lisa #135 but on countback, just nudged her out for third overall.

      It was a special treat to have Lisa sail with us today. Lisa’s string of four second places meant the pointy end was always her friend. Lisa’s sailing resume is as long as it is celebrated and we look forward to sharing da Duck with her much more in the immediate future.

      Apart from a shakey start, Peter S #35 (Orange) sailed consistently well and was always a threat to the pointy end. Three fourths and two fifths were enough to put him in sixth place overall today.

      Justin #61 suffered a rare form slump today. The big fella was another victim of the unpredictable fluky conditions that brought much of the fleet to its knees.

      Phil T #261 came out of the blocks on fire this morning. After opening with two consecutive first places, he followed this up by two thirds later in the program and was a hard man to catch when he managed to get free wind. After a recent form slump it was great to see the smiling assassin back on the top step once more. Phil you are today’s winner, congratulations!

      After seven races with one drop the final points were:

      Kermit on 56 points, Mike on 55, John M on 51, John B on 44, Justin on 43, Geoff on 35, Peter S on 28, Trouty on 25, Lisa on 21, Pete on 21 (count back), the Admiral on 16 and our winner today Phil on just 14 points.

      Big thank you to our Graeme who took on the scoring role today ably assisted by timekeeper/observer Ross. Our Media men Kermit and Mike once more have done a magnificent job in capturing all the action @ daDuck. Thank you one and all

      Next week it’s the pocket rocket ‘65s turn to carve up the pond.

      Words by the Admiral, fun was everybody’s.

      Race 1 from the GoPro Hero 9 “SkipperCam” onboard #96 “Abigail”

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      Another frustrating day of racing at the ‘Duck with Duck Luck being quite an important factor – as usual.  Most of us got to the pointy end at some stage until we managed to stuff up.

      Thanks to all participants for a well run day and sailed in good spirits.

      Well documented team.

      Special thanks to Lisa for assisting some of us with our rig setups.

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