RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 04/08/2020


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      In an invigorating 3 deg C, six hardy skippers came out to enjoy frostbite sailing at its best and they were not disappointed. Even mid-winter da Duck is still a magical place to sail and today with its full pond and gentle NorWester it proved that once more.

      The ‘at times’ very light conditions didn’t suit our lone RG sailor Graeme #52. Having a slightly smaller rig than the A+ 65s meant he found the Kermit position pretty quickly.

      Under questioning he broke down and confessed having made prior agreement with our amphibious friend to temporarily occupy that spot, so that was tidy.

      Despite at times showing great form, our Bloody Geoff #80 was today a weed magnet.

      We all copped some during the morning but Geoff’s collection was impressive, caused him two DNF’s and some considerable angst along the way.

      Trouty’s #11 victory in race three helped win him a countback with Bloody Geoff, both skippers finishing on equal points. Unfortunately our Trouty’s woes with the ‘Lonnie Log’ continued with today’s episode featuring a jib that had a mind of its own.

      The ‘LL’ knew which tack it wanted and no amount of stick twiddling by Trouty would change that.

      Ricky #92 came ready to rumble today and rumble he did. At the centre of some epic tacking duels our Ricky was in the thick of it from the first gun. Finishing on equal points with Phil T the countback saw him relegated to third overall for the day.

      Phil #32 sailed consistently well taking outright victory in the final race. Despite this, Phil’s success at finding dead wind spots around the course proved to be his achilles heel.

      The Admiral’s #23 sneaky move to have the fountain turned on so he could see it, (and not mount it) was key to his success today. This was ideal Icarex weather and so it proved with his two first and two third results on his way to claiming today’s overall winner placing.

      After four races with no drop, the points were:

      Geoff on 19, Graeme on 18 points, Trouty on 17, Ricky on 12, Phil T on 12 (countback) and today’s winner the Admiral on just 8 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for coming out and making the day @ da Duck such fun.

      Our post sailing chat in the warm comfortable lounge accompanied by lashings of hot drinks and laughter was most welcome and definitely a highlight of the day.

      No photos unfortunately as fingers not working as expected!

      Words by the Admiral.

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      Sorry I couldn’t make it today my misses had a doctors appointment

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      I thank the honorable GRAHAM  for maintaining the very high standard of the reverse position at the pond on my behalf is commendable    His integrity to my request is as expected   total obedience  (is the sign of a true friend  ) you may now my dear friend return to the podium knowing you have done me proud 

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      I still haven’t warmed up,but another great day nonetheless

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      Very brave lads. Well done on keeping the flag flying at the Duck.

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      Too windy & wet for flying & too damn cold for sailing. Hopefully next week will be better.

      Well done all those that did brave the winter weather.

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