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      Great to be back @ da Duck, having a laugh with your mates and a Transmitter in your hands again.

      With the light and variable breeze coming mostly from the South, a dead spot out from the verandah was being formed and occupied by a considerable patch of weed, it was deemed that the Western end unusable so instead it was decided to sail a shortened triangular course on the Northern end over three laps.

      Great to see Ron #164 back on the water and no longer inconvenienced by employment. Ron recently struck a good hours trade off with work to allow him regular sailing time each fortnight. Trend setter!

      Kermit #82 made a brief appearance on water before a wayward jib tie down forced him earlier into creating some great memory records of today’s fun.

      Dave #48 made a welcome return to health and happiness punting the flying custard around da Duck. Sailing well, Dave’s best was a third in the last race.

      Through the generosity of our Pete loaning out Pink Bits, Ross #178 was able to get out on the water having fun whilst still waiting for his HWH order to materialise.

      The handicap system can at times seem harsh and for our Justin #61 today it must have been doubly so. Despite sailing well, the Saint’s 55 second handicap in today’s fleet proved to be a bridge too far.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for our Ricky #92 with lots of up and down results. Despite good boat speed Ricky found the light and variable conditions troubling, his best being a fourth in races four and seven.

      Another who found the conditions trying was our Graeme #52. His RG flew when the wind pressure increased and dragged when it didn’t. Graeme’s two podiums in races two and four were a fitting return for his hard work.

      Don #99 came out of the starters box this morning fast and in great form. The unflappable one’s best results of a second and fourth came early with good decisions and clean racing.

      Trouty #11 ran into tuning problems early and so had a slow start to his series. Things came good around race five with two podiums in a row, of which five’s result was an outright victory.

      Phil #32 was another with a kangaroo day. The smiling assassin reached ascendancy in races three and four, the former an outright victory.

      Mr Consistency was our Pete #78 today. Apart from an aborted first race Pete had Plain Jane in the pointy end of the fleet the whole morning, claiming no less than three excellent podiums in the process.

      One point ahead, Bloody Geoff #80 had two outright wins and was looking good for the big one if it hadn’t been for all those other damn yachts being in the way!

      The Admiral #23 had much better luck with his day claiming podiums in three of the seven races giving him a second overall score.

      With his new RG on order Stuart #58  was keen to get some Ducky goodness today ahead of its delivery.  The sometime fluky conditions suited his DF95 well and despite the 90 second handicap  Stuart was able to sail his way into overall winner today. Congratulations and well done.

      After seven races with one drop the final results were:

      Kermit on 66, Ron C on 62 points, Dave on 60, Ross on 54, Justin on 46, Ricky on 42, Graeme on 37, Don on 36, Trouty on 33, Phil on 30, Pete on 26, Geoff on 25, Col on 24 and our winner today Stuart on 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone in a great first day back sailing for 2021. Special thank you to Sue for scoring today and thank you to our media man Kermit for making some great reminders of our day @ da Duck.

      A reminder that we are trialling the addition of IOM’s to our regular fleet of DF95’s for next Tuesday 12th January. For handicap reasons this trial will need to run for approximately two months after which a decision to continue on not will be made.

      Words by the Admiral, fun by all guaranteed!

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      MUSIC HAS BEEN LEFT OUT I NEED TO KNOW FROM YOU ALL IF ITS REQUIRED,,,,,  NEXT /  NEW RULE  boats finishing the race  either go to the jetty via the shore  line after going through the finish line  or stay away from the finish line   to many re enter the traffic  thus making it near impossible for me to determine who is still racing  if you persist in re-entering the field you quite possibly could be accidently removed  deleted from the video  ……. just sayin  TA MUCHLEY

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        Kermit, music is only required when BA is watching the videos.

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