RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 06/10/2020


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      Who doesn’t love this time of the year?

      Daylight saving has kicked in, weather is warmer, milder and sometimes even perfection like today.

      Steady 6-8 N/NW breezes clear skies and bright warm sunshine for close, fun, champagne sailing from start to finish.

      Bloody Geoff #80 outdid himself this morning by bringing the wrong boat to da Duck. His good humoured admission was greeted by a great deal of mirth from the Merry men. When the hilarity finally died down the Admiral rowed the Royal barge out to find and refloat a submerged #2 buoy. With the buoy once more bobbing happily racing got underway a few minutes after 10am in perfect weather.

      Our Justin #61 ‘The Saint’ wasn’t in the zone with three fourths as his best finishes giving him ninth overall for the day. Rumour has it The Saint might be returning to Icarex as his preferred sail material soon.

      Phil T #261 likewise started in a similar vein but with bit of tweaking he was back in the game by race five. The smiling assassin claimed four seconds and a win to finish in second place overall.

      Today we welcomed John B to the Merry Men. With some past dinghy experience to draw upon, John wasted no time putting his brand new 95 up into the pointy end. With two seconds and a third as his best result, John claimed sixth overall today.  A fantastic result.

      Mild Mannered Mike #95 loves taking his favourite lady Abigail out for a spin, both enjoying the glorious weather on offer today. In addition to shooting video of race five Mike’s third in the following race was his best for the day.

      Our favourite fishy friend had a smile that wouldn’t quit today upon learning he’d finished the day in his preferred last place. Kermit #82 didn’t sail many races but we are grateful for his considerable photographic contribution to our enjoyment of the day.

      The perfect weather was enough to bring our Ricky out and spend a little time taking photographs of our first few races today. Ricky’s skills with the camera are legendary and his contribution here was again no less awesome.

      Peter S # 35 had Hi-Viz sailing well but got pushed back into fifth overall for the day. Although racing consistently, Pete’s string of thirds and fifths wasn’t enough to score higher than fifth overall. Peter was also in the mix as today’s White cane winner only being pipped by the Admiral on countback.

      With two consecutively missed buoys in race five, the Admiral #72’s good run of firsts and second places came to an end. Luckily he still managed third overall for the day.

      After a ragged start Don#99 got his mojo working with a first in races five and nine and followed that up with two podiums in races seven and eight. After a tight, enjoyable day the unflappable one finished fourth for the day.

      Stuart #58 was a model of consistency today never scoring less that a fifth which included four first places. Good starts, good use of conditions and some fine tuning puts our Stuart in the winners circle today. Congratulations!

      After ten races with two drops the final points were:


      Kermit on 58 points, Justin on 48, Mike on 48 (countback), Geoff on 45, John B on 37, Peter S on 35, Don on 28, Admiral on 28(count back), Phil T on 24 and our winner today Stuart on just 17 points.

      Special thanks today to John for scoring, our photographers Ricky, Kermit and Mike for capturing the day and thank you all for coming out and making it a perfect day’s outing @ da Duck.

      Words by the Admiral, fun unavoidable.



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      Sounds like it was a great day at the Duck. Sorry I had to miss it.

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        Yes mate, you would have been very pleased I can assure you!

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