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      As advertised, the first Puddleduck for the new year began in great style.

      The gentle breeze greeting eight skippers freshened quickly into a good mid-strength Southerly that got quite exciting at times. Cool breezes and hot racing kept everyone engaged and with Duck Luck in evidence for most of the nine races, it was always going to be anyones guess as to the outcome.

      Great to see our old mate Dave dropping in for a chat. Whilst Dave’s health issues have improved, his boats’ have not. Major electrical issues are to be overcome before we see the yellow peril back on the water.

      Looking stylish as ever, our John #62 sailed well, however with his employment enforcing long breaks between sail days it’s difficult to gain consistency and good settings.

      Kermit #82 once again displayed good starts and boat speed and is unanimously our ‘good clubman’ member for this week. When mate  Ronnie #71 found his long hook too short to retrieve his weed bound craft, it was Kermit who launched the dinghy and saved the day.

      Whilst the breezes were light, our Graham #52 showed a clear speed advantage. Duck Luck can strike anytime and for Graham it struck more than once at the top two buoys where the most fickle of breezes consistently lie in wait for his arrival.

      Our Geoff #80, usually a strong performer had the inconsistency blues today. Aside from two excellent first placings in races four and nine, his overall score suffered from too many mid fleet finishes.

      Any other day our Ricky #92 would have been on the podium at stumps. Today we had three skippers finish with identical figures and only a single point more put Ricky in fourth place for the day.

      It was a three way arm wrestle all morning between Gerald #02, Col #23 and Justin #61.

      With barely more than a boat length between them at any time this was truly one design restricted class racing at its absolute best. To end the day on identical points was righteous and fitting.

      Needs must and after countbacks and adjustments the well deserved winner of the day was Justin #61. It is very satisfying to see a new skipper who just came into our group a few months ago raw and inexperienced now sailing like a veteran. Congratulations Justin on a good day @ da Duck.

      After nine races with two drops the final results were:

      Ron: no score recorded, John on 43 points, Kermit on 29, Graeme on 29 (countback), Geoff on 23, Ricky on 21, Gerald on 20, Col on 20 and our winner today Justin on 20 points (countback).

      Special thanks to Sue for scoring and keeping the rabble in line. Kermit for being top clubman and also pics.

      This coming Thursday 9th of January is IOM day @ Lauderdale Canal, the first for 2020 so hope to see as many as can be there to enjoy and support.

      To those who have enquired after us with respect to recent Australian bush fires, we appreciate your concern, support and well wishes, thank you.


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      Great report and photos – thanks Col.

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      Another top report Col, but the IOM’s are at the canal this week, all welcome.

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      Sounds like a fun day was had by all. I have been slaving away all day helping my son build a new deck.  Hopefully make it back to the Duck next week.

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      LETS NOT get mushy with this clubman bit  Ron  bulldog ) promised me $20 dollars and a free cup of tea  (earl grey )  to fetch his boat that’s all it was……. plus GST

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        Just giving credit where it was due. No fuzzies, just recognition.

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      Well you should have known that being a goodie goodie two shoes is not the right image for the Mean an Green thrashing machine Fear and Intimidation is now lost …replaced by Nice Kermit  Good Kermit  ITS taken a year to instil fear into this hard  sailing bunch all now lost by a few sweet soft nicey words Can you PLEASE edit your  story to exclude the damaging part  ………………..Damn    how will I front the mob next week


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