RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 07.05.’19

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      Undeterred by the cold and frost, 10 hardy skippers turned up to race DF95’s at the pond today. Fairly quickly the day turned warm whilst the racing got positively hot.

      Ron #63 turned up a little late and quickly took up his normal position against the far bank. Mike #96 was off his game today and suffered winch issues too. We suspect his head was in the clouds instead of on the pond though!

      Don #99 seemed to have plenty of speed but just couldn’t convert that into results this time around.

      Kermit #82 woke sleeping ducks with his whoopin’ n’ hollerin’ in race 6 as he cruised the Duck Hunter into third place.

      It took a while for Tony #32 to get his mojo back after a long absence but he finished the day on fire with a second in race 7 and a first in race 8.

      Our Geoff #79 showed some dash at odd times, two second and one third. Unfortunately there just wasn’t enough race drops to remove some of his less than stellar finishes.

      Col #72 charged out of the blocks early with a first and three seconds but the time penalties that amassed thereapon quickly killed his chance of a podium place on the day.

      Stuart #58 showed better consistency with some sound sailing to take third overall.

      Gerald #02 also showed good decision making and consistent results to take second.

      Star of the show today was our Pete #27 as he decimated the field with his three firsts, a second, two thirds and a fourth. He was just unstoppable and to think it only took him 12 months to get around to building his ‘95!

      After 8 races with 1 drop the results were:

      Ron on 69 points, Mike on 46, Don on 41, Kermit on 35, Tony (on countback) also on 35, Geoff on 29, Col on 28, Stuart on 24, Gerald on 23 and our winner today Pete on just 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for another fabulous day out @ the Duck!

      Words by Col

      Not much in the way of pics today but I did manage some photographic evidence of Pete parking on the fountain and needing the rescue boat for retrieval



      Photos by Mike

      Fun by everyone.

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      What an unkind set of photos!!  Only about a month earlier I had a similar incident with the fountain.  Gotta get a skipper with better eyesight and a more alert crew.  A big thank you to Kermit for assisting with the recovery.

      It was yet another ripper day for sailing the ‘Duck and the wind was more consistent than most weeks. Autumn has been very kind to us.

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      Oh well Pete, you are not the first & I’m sure not the last to get hung up on the fountain works. Been there, done that, along with many others.

      Still it didn’t have much effect on your ranking for the day, well done.

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      I certainly had more than my share of “Duck luck”.

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      WELL  CAPT’N PETE TWAS A PLEASURE  BUGGAR CAPS AGAIN  to help another sea dog out of a problem  you would have noticed in the photos that the rescue  vessel was under the captanship  of myself …. why you ask…  because a fella who puts a perfectly good boat on a fountain certainly shouldn’t steer the retrieval boat   but under the expert seamanship  of one who leads from the rear  all went well  …. I was suffering from a server case of whooping cough that long tall misinterpreted as a victory cry in one of the races in his report  I was not to the high standard of  leadership as I usually am on the pond because of it …plus the duck hunter had a new steering winch and it needed constant attention and the sail was shredded  the main boom wouldn’t respond at times an other skippers kept coming at her at all directions shouting PORT….  WHEN ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS GO OVER TO THE JETTY AN THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN IN PORT  silly buggars  someone we will have to talk to em about that when we have a cuppa …. an another….. I heard a fella shout “boy room ”  What did the boy want with a room….. an where was the boy…… we were on a flamin pond   I tell ya sailings going crazy   PINKIE GOING ON THE FOUNTAIN …. jokers wanting the jetty ….next flamin woman will start to sail  with us                                   KERMIT LA FROG

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