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      It was a day so typical of the duck. Winds from every direction at once, some fountin’ mountin’, close starts and closer finishes, all part of the fun that kept today’s ten skippers on their toes.

      Our Phil’s #11 boat woes are not over yet with its winch playing up and water in the hull … before he even got the outside wet.

      Justin made us all proud though by coming to Phils rescue by loaning him his #61 Saints special to race while he scored for the fleet. Phil went well, his stats after giving the fountain a serve in race three then winning race four outright were seventh overall.

      Don #99 was having a rest today after an outstanding ’95 day last week. The unflappable one wasn’t Robinson Crusoe either.

      The Admiral #23 had one to forget. After some pretty ordinary races he finally had his nose in front battling with the cut throat near-do-wells Ricky #92 and Pete #78. Disaster struck defending his narrow lead when he ran the Royal yacht up on the nasty forks of the fountain. Before you could say ‘launch the boats’ she freed herself to go on and record her worst result of the day.


      After some amazing results from racing against the bigger ’95s last week I was expecting Ricky #92 to set the bar pretty high but it wasn’t so. A second in the last race was Ricky’s best, giving him sixth overall for the day.

      With three fifths, a ninth in race four and second place in race two Phil T #32 was a hot contender for the white cane award this morning. The award is usually made for meritorious missing of buoys, causing raft-ups and fountin, mountin’ and is usually dominated by our Geoff #80, who it must be said was pretty quiet on that front today. Phil T did certainly miss a few which may account for this fine sailors’ fourth overall result for the day. Geoff sailed well and showed good consistency with a third and two fourths giving him fifth overall for the morning.

      With breath-taking consistency our Kermit #82 had the perfect score he so desires in claiming last place in every race and tenth overall today. Savaged by Uncle G’s scoring last week our Kermit took every opportunity to defend his favoured position in the fleet.

      Gerald #02 was at last back on the water and in good form today. Like (nearly) all of us Gerald struggled at times with the baffling conditions but with the excellent consistency of two seconds, two thirds and a fourth he claims a rightful second overall for the day.

      Mike #64 was a slow starter today but despite that a brilliant second in race four showed he has the speed and the skills to sail well.

      Without even making a double figure score, our Pete #78 was back to his brilliant best. Dominating the day with four first placings it was vintage Pete on the water and without a doubt he was a most deserving clear winner today.

      After five races and no drops, the final scores were:

      Kermit on 49 points, Mike on 34, Don on 30, Phil J on 30 (countback), Ricky on 28, Geoff on 26, Phil T on 26 (countback), Col on 24, Gerald on 14, and our winner today Pete on a measly 9 points.

      Huge thank you to Justin for scoring and taking pics, Mike for stills and video and Puddleduck people for looking after us.

      Words by the Admiral.


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      Another strange but fun day at the “Duck”

      Well done Pete, and another great report Col.

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      Yes indeed, another fine day of fun & frivolity @ The Duck.

      Thanks all.

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      DITTO  UNCLE G and  thanks to the best scorer ever JUSTIN a job well done  and To PETE for a brilliant win also a special thanks to the gorgeous girls at puddle duck for superb earl grey tea

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        What’s wrong Kermit, where’s your alternative sailing report?

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          UNCLE G  alternate report?   Iv never done that I may have spoken of instances of concern or the like but never an alternate report that would be doing a disservice to the admirals brilliant reports on the days sailing I do have issues with scorers though and with manipulation of the rules but as justin worked well with the scoring today there is no issue left  but I will say I saw PHIL T shivering so much he missed a buoy through it his fingers went zind when it should have zagged not his fault nor was it widdle wickys fault that today was so frustrating for the widdle fella his first folly for the day was turning up his second was putting his boat in the water some days you should just stay home while on it why is the big fella MIKE trying to snuggle into my spot on the rank  whats going on I know my spot is favored by many but MIKE ? So considerate of the admiral to clean the fountain today an phil did a fair job to I beleave although I seriously don’t know why he would want to after the admiral did such a fantastic job at it while I’m just thinking about today wasn’t it Nobil of JUSTIN to surrender a probable podium position  by giving up his boat and doing when someone else shouldn’t have been given a pencil and did the scoring for us all …..so Nope I’v got nothing to add to the admirals report

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      A bit cool but a ripper day of close racing.  Thanks to Col, Mike and Justin for the recording of such a fun day at the Duck.

      Once again the “Duck luck” was a very significant factor.

      The Duck is a very special place.

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      Great but but sometimes frustrating day with some very good close racing👍👍

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      After going to so much trouble to get the audio track just right to keep our latest Videographer Extraordinar (Kermit) happy, I neglected to notice that some of the text towards the end of the video was out of sync with the video and made little or no sense. This has now been rectified in a re edit & I will post the corrected video later tonight to replace the existing one. (Done).

      Probably end up with yet another Copyright Claim (but them’s the breaks).

      Mediocrity just won’t cut it when you are up against the Frog.

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        Nice music, BA will love it!

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          I’m sure he would but he doesn’t watch our Duck videos on principle!!

          Must admit it does have a nice beat, especially through a 400W subwoofer.

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      BA has no principals an as far as the music on the video  you orta hear it through a crystal radio with earphones   to die for

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