RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 08-06-2021


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      DF65 results from today.

      First Place # 52 – Graeme on 19 points, Second Place # 92 – Ricky on 20 points, Third Place # 11 – Trouty on a countback of 21 points.

      Not much in it.

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      Race 2

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      Race 3

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      Race 4

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      Race 5

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      not fair NOT FAIR   BAD BOAT NO WAY  IN NO WAY DID THE DUCK HUNTER enter the fleet  this is just another attempt by that dastardly doer of bad deeds UNCLE G  in an to attempt to humiliate and soil my good name to the sailing members of the pond  Not happy in attempting to sink us at the Lauderdale canal  but now with this attempt at the sacred spiritual  home of true sailing ……   this is just not right.  In returning to the jetty via the accepted method  ie  close to the bank as not to interfere with vessels underway my sailing vessel DUCK HUNTER  was in distress and required urgent attention on the hard  SOOOO how can this pretend admiral justify this outrageous  slander on my brilliant record  what we need is our old admiral   opps sorry…… ships kitchen hand  back to bring this whipper snipper back into line……. who will be next .

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        Sorry Kermit, I forgot to mention how you snatched my camera from me halfway through race 3 and took over filming the rest of the races, fantastic job, well done!

        (But your boat is still bad)

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        Sorry my little amphibious friend but after watching the video I must concur “Bad Boat”.

        Duck rules of sailing clearly stipulate that NO BOAT shall go back through the start line or return to the racing side of the start line while the race is in progress.

        It really does make the job much harder for the PRO and the scorers.

        There are a couple of other skippers that also flaunt this rule on numerous occasions, perhaps they need to be called out in the video’s as well.

        Just my thoughts on the matter.


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          WELL  here’s the issue  first I did not go back through the start line or return to the start line I was at the first buoy /girl when a serious problem occurred which made it unwise to continue so I hugged the shore  to the jetty and all boats were  on the second leg …..so no conflict   no sensible skipper wants the title BAD BOAT     Being a rules oriented type of person that I am  I follow all rules to the letter  I also pride myself on showing others the wisdom of following rules  SO  why did UNCLE G doctor the video  to portray duck hunter in such bad light.   the reason is two fold   power grab and revenge   REVENGE at the canal when he was stopped from sinking several  65’S by myself and capt pete    (who was noticeably absent yesterday  through fear of reprisal no dought )   Now for the thoughts on the admirals  position WHY NOT  he is a man of position…. leader of the wheel chair mob and president of the white cane mob   a graduate of <b> TOP GUN FLIGHT SCHOOL</b>  OUTSTANDING  credentials you might say  but  here’s the kicker  he cant sail for nuts    he try’s but we need an  admiral  like jamie  a rule follower   or  we  reinstate the  ships cooks boy ( x admiral ) give him his rank back    an start again ………………..just say’n

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          “Sticks” are like elephants, they never forget !!

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      Thanks Sue and Gerald for scoring today

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      IT IS NOTED THAT THE VIDEOS ARE UP  and there is no comment on the out outrageous accusation asserted by the pretend admiral  as to my alleged infringement  ” bad boat ”  a most feared set of words a sailor can hear  and I possibly know why  “FEAR”   fear of being called that dreaded title or seeing it on the video  for the world to see  such is the power of suggestion this false admiral has over our small group  SO FRIENDS rise up voice your concern before he mandates the title  ADMIRAL TO HIM SELF……. FOR LIFE

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