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      With high winds and possible rain in the forecast it was a testament to the fortitude of our little group that twelve skippers came along to sail anyway.

      Mike decided not to sail but instead to use a new feature on his camera. He was keen for this after discovering a new button called ‘photos’ and wanted to try that out. Both he and Kermit took time out today to give us some wonderful pics and vids to remember the day by. Thanks guys.

      We sailed 10 races today in 15-20 knots NW winds that fluctuated wildly at times in strength and direction all over the course. A mix of rigs were pondered over with the majority of Merry Men choosing a B and most later changing to A’s when the conditions eased.

      Ron (65)#164 came along to practice and chose the standard A rig for today’s conditions. Trouty (65)#11 likewise came and showed without doubt he has his charge fully dialled in by claiming outright victory in race 9 over a hungry pack of chasing 95s.

      Trouty was an honourable mention for the white cane award too after missing three buoys in a row in race seven.

      The challenging conditions were difficult for everyone and our Don #99 was no exception. Don finished eighth today with a third in race five as his best result.

      Another good sailor out of luck was Peter S #35. He too was an honourable mention for his efforts at whole-of-race buoy stranding on the first windward mark rounding in race five.

      Being the good clubman he is, Kermit #82 gave up race time to take pics and vids of today’s action. No good deed goes unpunished however as through his selfless efforts he missed taking out his favoured last spot.  Condolences mate.

      A handful of podium finishes weren’t enough to propel Bloody Geoff #79 into the top three today. He did spread the love around though by putting his charge into some diabolical raft ups. His classic today though was taking  a close look under the viewing platform to see if any ducks were hiding there.

      He was joined in this foray beneath the verandah by equally curious Justin #59. No duck but there had been so much water added  to the pond over the last month of rains that the restraint rope tied between pylons to prevent this had become completely submerged and of no use at all.

      The Admiral #72 was another who didn’t fare all that well today. His best result, a second in race one, was not enough for him to place better than fourth overall.

      Mister T, (Phil) #261 with five podium places and some really close finishes had a good day at da Duck today. His third overall was well deserved after a very consistent display of disciplined sailing.

      SOL (Stuart) #58’s normal cheery demeanour took a downturn today when after being a target for the fleet all morning his boat got fed up and made a desperate escape to the far bank. Naturally SOL responded in his usual joyful, uplifting manner, toddling off with a smile on his lips and a skip to his step to retrieve that naughty boat. Spotting his approach it freed itself once more for a second desperate dash for freedom to the opposite bank. 😉

      ‘Iceman’ (Ben #165) was back in the fold after a short absence today, he being as it is ‘inconvenienced by employment’ from time to time. Ben had brought only an A rig with him but it proved to be more than adequate to win five outright victories over the morning, four of those in a row! Congratulations on an outstanding effort of great sailing and a well deserved title of our champion of the day.


      After 10 races with two drops, the final points were:

      Ron (65) on 72 points, Kermit on 67,  Trouty (65) on 54, Peter S on  53, Don on 51, Justin on 40, Geoff on 34, Col on 31, Phil T on 26, Stuart on 16, and our winner today Ben on 15 points.


      Congratulations everyone for coming out and making it a great day out @ da Duck.

      Special thanks to our Media men/scorers Mike and Kermit.

      Next week it’s the pocket rockets turn once more to carve up da Duck.

      See you then!


      Part of Race 1 today

      Race 5

      Race 6

      Race 8 (and some extras)


      More photo’s from today’s racing available here

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      SOL  ??????  Please explain.

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        One would have to assume he means excrement on an internal organ !!! (but I could be wrong)

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          May be “Shit Out of Luck”!!

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      A variable wind from the look of the video. Well done guys on braving the elements.

      Great write up and camera work – thank you!!

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      Great sailing, and nice to get some wind for a change. I felt a bit bad with my ‘A’ rig on sliding past the stumpy B rigs in the lulls. But on the last, aborted race my winch servo stopped working, serves me right for pushing it so hard… Must order a ‘B’ rig.

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      So what does SFB mean when referring to the PRO?

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        I’m guessing its some affliction of the cranium. Probably what caused the posting of an incorrect total for Peter S which has now been rectified (I hope)

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