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      Rain threatened as we packed our cars for another Day @ Da Duck. Divine Duck luck did not desert us though for as miracles go it was almost a perfect DF95 day. Patchy sun, a steady SSW – SW breeze at 8-10 knots with the occasional blast of 15 -20 just to kept us on our toes and a tiny bit out of control.

      The perfect wind direction gave the greyhounds plenty of course length and all nine skippers made the most of it with some terrific racing and very close finishes. Nine races, nine skippers with a tenth race abandoned as wild gusts ripped through the fleet. Just another great day @ da Duck!

      King Kermit #82 excelled himself today and except for race eight where he mistakenly took third, he managed to successfully hold onto his favoured last place in the fleet, unchallenged. The absence of Kermit’s nemesis Bulldog Barrett might have been a factor though …… just sayin’.

      Dennis #37 had a patchy day of highs and lows. Second place in races 5 & 6 wasn’t enough to counteract his remaining mid and DNF finishes. The new boat looks very flash and is a great addition to our growing fleet.

      Justin #61 started slow, found his feet by race four and then blitzed races 8 & 9. As if that wasn’t enough, he was also leading race 10 before it was abandoned. Well done Justin, the newly painted Orange hull looked fantastic and with your black sails it went as well as it looked.

      Don #99 had a Kangaroo kind of a day. Never too far off the pace, the unflappable one claimed victories in races 3 and 7, only for these to be dragged down by many mid fleet finishes that followed.

      Geoff #79 took a few races to get the new blue hull dialled in and from there was always at or near the pointy end. Two seconds and a first today was good racing from the Milky Bar Kid. 😉

      Gerald #02, for his usual high standards had a pretty ordinary day. Usually Mr consistency, his three podium positions were lost to mid fleet finishes in the remaining races. There will be other days.

      Pete #27, Mr Starboard didn’t get it all his own way today when the fountain refused him right of way …… twice! This is officially a fountin’ mountin’ record for the Merry Men and one I reckon we won’t see topped anytime soon.

      No shit Stuart #58 was in great touch today with just a spot or two of bother to blemish it. A first, a second, two thirds and two fourths put him in a great position and second for today by the slimmest of margins.

      Col #72 aka The Admiral had a good day at the office but didn’t win a single race. His string of podium and 4th places however proved yet again that its consistency that counts more than an individual first place followed by a mid field finishes.

      After nine races with two dropped, the final scores were:

      Kermit on 47 points, Dennis on 42, Justin on 28, Don on 27, Geoff on 25, Gerald on 23, Pete on 22, Stuart on 21 and our winner today Col on 20 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for your company and friendly rivalry on yet another great day out @ da Duck.

      Thank you to Betty for controlling the start timer. It was great to have you and Barry visit our little group today. Barry I hope we have convinced you to get your boat wet on our next race day.

      A feature of today’s racing was that every boat stayed the course of the day. 9 boats started and 9 completed the 9 races before beverage break (coffee time).

      Another great feature today was all skippers took a turn at PRO duty for one race each. This is a good and fair system for when any of our regular RO’s are not available and it helped keep the day running smooth.

      Puddleduck CEO Jackie displayed the brand new Peter Smith Memorial wine label that has just now been bottled. As you would be aware PD management are always very generous especially in donating prizes toward the annual Peter Smith Memorial Regatta held each year. A major prize in 2020 will be a collection of wines including this special vintage.

      March 7th 2020 is the date to add to your collective calendars for when this special Puddleduck event will be held. It is a DF65 only event held on the Saturday with a BBQ and prize giving held post races.

      Words and pics by The Admiral, fun by everyone.

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      Sounds (and looks) like another fine day was had by all.

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      It was another great day at the Duck. Most of the time we had enough wind, but not always from the direction we wanted. The last race was blown out, but fortunately the boats escaped damage. As is usual at the Duck, once we stopped the racing and had coffee the ideal conditions returned to the pond!!

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      Score sheet added to original post

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      The pictures of today’s sailing belay the true scene at the pond  frightful wicked evil vicious wind  pelted down the cole valley  to vent itself on us trying to sail our plastic fantastic s 95s on the usually idealistic puddle duck winery duck pond  Nine hardy skippers fought through the howling winds constantly trying to maintain headway  only to be held at bay by ever increasing suicidal hurricane  gusts  intent on ripping sails from the masts   and feathers from ducks  only through expert seamanship by the now seasoned skippers did we escape this torrent of destruction to show that we of the pond are worthy to sail on her waters After this days sailing I for one am ready to cross the Atlantic  in a canoe    so much going on tacking an more tacking  gentle bumps  bigger gentle bumps  an a few missed buoys girls  were forced by the conditions  an a new record for the fountain  pinkie  27 pete did developed a clever devious plan  an that was to hold up near the fountain an wait for better conditions  it worked so he did it again   some thought he had got caught but no ” in a private conversation ” he told me about his clever audacious plan but we shall see no more devious clever plans from the wonder kid for a few weeks he’s off to Hawaii  or was it bruny island    na the other one  have fun kid    fantastic sailing through adversity  all the skippers did a rip snorter of a job  an had fun doing it

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