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      Perfect day, glorious sailing and great company but oh, today was much more that that. The crème de la crème of radio sailing @ da Duck occurred today and what an honour it was to be there and take part.

      As advertised, the light and consistent NNW flicked around but was good enough for a buoy #2 down to #4 and #5 triangle that made the long windward leg a worthy challenge for all skippers.

      It looked like the breeze was strong enough to give the RG’s an advantage and as the results showed this was eventually the case.

      From the (deep) North West we welcomed Nigel Cropp to our patch. Nigel sailed Stuart’s RG#8 and did well despite the lack of experience with a swing rig setup. By race seven Nigel had a handle on its quirks and piloted the Jammy Dodger to an outright victory. More than that, Nigel went on to claim overall victory in all classes. Congratulations Nigel on a well sailed race series win.

      It was a pleasure to greet another sailing brother Glenn Behrens to our little patch of heaven. The only regular not in attendance today was our mate Bloody Geoff. We suspect he’s gone to the dark side, now swanning around at flash parties on fancy yachts. Happy birthday mate.

      Our own Unflappable Don#99 had his customary good humor and calm disposition truly tested today. After first rescuing his yacht from a stranding in race five, it got away again and sailed merrily off without Don …. now in hot rowing pursuit. Unfortunately the fault persisted, sidelining him for the rest of the following races.

      Some close calls with the fountain but no mounting was witnessed, however the lighter fickle breeze down there made #4 a bit of a gamble and was the scene of some massive pileups.

      In one such incident our Bodge #6 sustained  damage and unfortunately he too was sidelined early.

      Poonie #81 again got some good starts throughout the program but wasn’t able to capitalise on them.

      Gadget #164 took a while to zero in his boat, steadily improving as the races progressed to gain two fourths and two second places out of the last four held.

      Another skipper who took a while to get his mojo working was Sheep #37. His momentum steadily built up to peak into second place in race six.

      The Smiling Assassin #32 showed he was going to be competitive and as the program ran, his results did steadily improve. Peaking in race six with a solid second place, Phil managed another podium shortly after in race seven before slipping further back into the field.

      No-one wanted to stop sailing it was just so much fun, however, embarrassingly, we ran out of available scoresheet space and with 15 minutes still to go we reluctantly retired to early libations.

      Cookie RG#52 brought along a new set of hand made sails for today’s races and it wasn’t long before they began to strut their stuff. With two outright wins and a solid second place our Graeme had the yellow peril flying in the great conditions.

      Although (only) claiming one outright victory and two third places today Jammy #39 showed great consistence throughout. Except for the very last race of the day Jammy never dropped below a sixth for nine of the ten races. Quite an achievement in todays quality field. Once again it has proven that consistent results are what matters as we congratulate Jammy on his excellent result in winning the DF65 class day.

      And speaking of a quality field, today we welcomed back Trout #11 from his Gold Coast holiday who immediately picked up from where he left off with wins in three races and a third also in race two. Despite these excellent results our Trout fell to below mid fleet for the bulk of the remaining races, thus wiping out much of his excellent gains.

      Bit of a kangaroo day for the Admiral #23 with results from both ends of the spectrum. Staying (mostly) out of trouble he managed to claim three podium positions that included a win in race eight. This was enough to power him into third behind Jammy and Lisa in the DF65 class results.

      Great to see Fab #17 back sailing the blue bolt again. Phil’s three podiums didn’t do him any harm and by mornings end he was wearing a smile that just wouldn’t quit.

      Close racing, frequent lead changes and whisker close finishes was the order of the day as the ‘duck turned on champagne conditions.

      Lisa Blackwood #35 left no doubt why she is the 2022 Australian DF65 and A class champion. Against a quality field Lisa was still able to claim two firsts, a second and third and was always charging up to the pointy end despite the largest handicap of the fleet. Lisa came second in the DF65 class results.

      Congratulations to our winners and to all who came along and sailed in the best conditions we’ve had so far this year.  A big thank you to our wonderful scorekeeper Sue who ensures everything runs smoothly. Also thanks to Stuart for PRO and score assist duties and for making his boat available to our NW visitor Nigel. Score calculations by Gadget, words by the Admiral.



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      Once again, very well written Col.

      Here are some of the races from my hat cam today.  I’ve left out the really crooked ones and the ones mostly of the sky!  My camera battery went flat after race 5.


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        Thanks Gadget, all my mistakes are now in plain view!!😉

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        Well done for a HatCam Ron. Looked like a mighty fine day of sailing.

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          Thank you Mike.

          I might have to invest in one of those cameras that level the horizon.

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          G’day Ron, happy for you to borrow my GoPro Hero9 to have a play with before you spend your hard earned money.

          These days it’s a toss up whether you go for a “Go Pro” style action cam or a 360 degree camera (eg: Insta360 V2) as the latest of either have good stabilisation and horizon levelling, and have 4K or better recording as well as 1080P.

          Also, not sure what video editor you use but I have recently changed to VideoProc Vlogger.

          It is a fully functional Free program that is easy to use and also comes with a great audio editor built in. A couple of quick tweaks of the equaliser will make all that wind noise disappear without affecting the rest of the audio track.

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      Thanks for the report Admiral, very informative.
      Certainly was a great day to be sailing @ the Duck.

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        Probably one of the best I’ve had to be honest. Often get nice ones but to have such consistent breeze and pleasant conditions really made it an outstanding day. Just hope we get some more like it this summer.

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