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      Light breezes forecast became top end A rig winds that made for some spectacular racing for the six competing skippers today

      After ten races all six DF95’s were covered by a ten point spread. More than that, as everyone had a handicap at the finish it meant all skippers had their turn at the pointy end.

      This wonderful close racing is what our sport of restricted class sailing is all about and of course it is just so much fun.

      Don #99 lost a race rewinding winch line that had come loose. His two outright victories and a handful of podiums were dragged down by some bottom fleet finishes. The fleet was so evenly matched you could throw a blanket over them, even on the second lap! Here is Don with auxiliary engaged!

      Justin #61 was unable to sail his new, beautifully painted craft due to servo problems prior to starting. Big thank you to Justin though for taking up the pencil and doing a great job. Our photos today are also to his credit.

      Phil J came along and was our PRO for the day. His presence is always very welcome, and today especially as there was some very close racing with many ‘incidents’ requiring his attention!

      Pete #27 was back firing on all cylinders, barely interrupting his winning ways today to retrieve his wayward yacht in race six. His fountin’ mountin’ efforts though were well noted as he sailed a brilliant tactical series to claim overall victory for the day.

      Our Geoff #79 was in everything today, mostly raft ups or collisions. His White Cane reputation for not noticing annoying things like buoys and other yachts was under serious threat though as missing buoys became commonplace today being well shared around.

      The Admiral #72 had a day to forget what with a string of awful finishes punctuated only by seaweed, buoy hookups and poor decisions. Saving the best to last was stranding his poor boat on #3 just as he was close to taking the lead in the final race of the day. He was still there when the rest of the fleet reached home.

      Great to have Phil T #261 back with us today. Always a keen competitor, Phil kept improving as the races progressed until claiming victory in race six followed up with two seconds places before stumps.

      Stuart #58 came prepared for a showdown today however he hadn’t reckoned on the ‘Blue Boat’ factor. When he could sail free he was a weapon though as his three victories and overall second place today will attest.

      After ten races with two drops the final points were:

      Don on 29 points, Col on 26, Geoff on 26 (countback),  Phil T on 22, Stuart on 22 (countback) and our winner today Pete on 19 points.

      Congratulations and thank you everyone for making this another great days racing @ da Duck.

      Special thanks go to Phil J for acting PRO and Justin for being scorer and photographer.

      Words by Col, fun by everyone.

      Next week it’s the pocket rockets turn, everyone’s favourite, the mighty DF65.

      Special Announcement

      I have just been advised by PD management that though they are closed to the general public our Tuesday group are welcome to resume our regular post-racing coffee/tea get together once more. This is fantastic news and I am very glad we can re-establish this good humoured bonding once again.

      See you there!


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      GREAT TO HEAR THAT I WILL GET MY EARL GREY TEA AGAIN  WELL DONE JUSTIN  excellent picks  I knew that PETE would do well today with the refresher course he participated in on Saturday at  the canals TOP GUN SAILING refresher course the tips that were imparted obviously worked

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      What a ripper day again at the Duck. It might be winter but the sailing was hot. Thanks to all for a great 10 races – well run and sailed in great spirit.

      Certainly Kermit provided some wise counsel, however I am of the view that Duck luck was the most significant factor.

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      PETE with 18 points an the nearest was 22  you really think DUCK LUCK  had a part in it  noooooop ……. try talent

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