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      This morning I was greeted by a thick border of floating weed nearside to our launch area.  This was completely out of character for the Duck at this time of the year given the colder water and short sunlight hours.

      Nevertheless boats were launched in a show of faith that was immediately rewarded by the freshening NNW rapidly clearing the floating vegetation.

      John #62 (DF65) and brother Mike #64 (Mt Gay 30) each had a forgettable day. John for an overdose of Duck luck and Mike for a leaky and fast sinking boat. Mike discovered the wooden deck of his beloved Mt Gay 30 apparently wasn’t sealed against water which inevitably found its way into the hull in some volume.

      Kermit #82 (DF65) at times was on fire today recording a win, a second and two thirds.

      Graham #52 (RG65) also sailed well recording two wins and a second, however a lapse in the middle four races cost him a higher placing for the day.

      There was a tie for fourth place between Pete #78 (DF65) and Don #99 (DF65) only broken by Pete with a countback having recorded one more first place finish than Don.

      Col #23 (DF65) had new white Icarex sails on his boat today and although this material made observing his telltails easier, it wasn’t so for a few of his fellow racers who couldn’t see him at all. Time to put the black back on!

      Final placings came down to a shootout between Ricky #05 (Mt Gay 30) and Gerald #02 (DF65) who prevailed today with his three wins.

      Both men sailed beautifully today displaying great skill in boat handling and mastering the (sometimes) random conditions.

      After 12 races with two drops the final results were:

      John on 76 points, Mike on 48, Kermit on 43, Graeme on 37, Don on 35, Pete on 35 (countback), Col on 31, Ricky on 26 and Gerald on 26 point the winner for today on countback.

      Congratulations everyone on a great day’s fun sailing and some fine sportsmanship.

      Big thank you to Sue for her excellent work as PRO and scorer, very much appreciated, ditto to Mike for pics of the day also.

      Next week we dust off the DF95’s for another round @ the Duck.

      A few more pics from today can be found here

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      Another fine day @ the Duck, enjoyed by everyone, even with the weed in the early races.

      As for the water leak alluded to by Col in my Mt Gay 30 (it was definitely significant but in no danger of sinking).

      Anyway, the “Badger II” has been stripped down and all the old timber servo & keel mounts removed to give good access to reseal the inside of the deck to hull join.

      I guess after 20 odd years things have got to fail eventually.

      During the rebuild all the removed timber bits & pieces will be replaced with lightweight 3D printed bits.

      The alloy keel fin will be fibre-glassed into the hull. This will be a lot sturdier than the original timber sandwich mount which was showing signs of being waterlogged one too many times. The servo mounts were also in similar condition.

      For those that were enquiring today, before the strip-down the Mt Gay sailing weight was 3.33kg all up.


      How it looked to start with


      How it looks now (still need to remove the baseboard)

      The Scraps

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        Looks like a good project Mike. Was there a weight difference (ex water) between yours and Ricky’s?

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          I’m not sure what Ricky’s weighs, it was more just a check to see if the weight goes up or down with the new 3D printed parts in place of the wood.

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      Today I was intimidated  by a boootiful woman ( sue ) not by her damn good looks but by her voice   I was afraid  I was very afraid   her poor hubby was late in putting his boat in the pond  when boooming across the water came   “PUT THE BOAT IN THE WATER ”  I NEAR WET MYSELF   I can handle blokes  an kids but this one   I’m movin way down the bank  if she comes again  ……………..narh just jokin  I’ll be on the other side   Good to see ol pinkie back and in form (buggar him )  twas nice for awhile to have someone to sail with today me ol mate john  he was having a bad day….. ……well he would if he was sailing along with me ay   long tall put on new sails that on the day failed  so an auction is going to take place but I recon it was just the day so I think  longtall should give them a chance and sail them for at least 6 months straight as for Ricky and his gay boat  ( mountagay) wait for predator cobber  your number is up preds boat now has a real name nothing gay about his boat  wasn’t uncle g a quite lad today  strategist dedicated  driven for the win  but still can be beaten   (soon as I get new sails )   very unusual for Grahame to be back in the field  musta been the weed   all in all not a bad day

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      NICE WORK deconstructing the superbly named  Badger II for the necessary work……  Reminders me of my missus after 100 odd years things do fail  flatten out,warp, sag. expand etc  but she can still be sailed  by a master mariner who knows how to sail an old vessel but with the ol thing the cost of repair is prohibitive soooo like badger a bit of glue  plaster an paint she will sail for a few more years    ( SORRY I CANT SUPPLY PICTURES )

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      A top day of really close racing. For mid winter sailing it won’t get too much better than this. Thank you team, and a huge thank you to the Duck.

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