RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2018 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 09.10.’18


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      On the face of it racing in the rain doesn’t sound too appealing. Then there is Puddleduck racing in the rain while standing comfortably dry and elevated on the pond viewing platform under big deck umbrellas …… having a ball!

      That was us today, seven skippers and six boats sharing the pond with our resident ducks in weather more suitable for them than us.

      Our pond has doubled in size! After some survey work earlier in the week it was determined that there was navigable water for our boats approximately twice as big as that we had been restricting ourselves to previously.

      This is great news for future racing and today we had a taste of just how good that is going to be.

      Dave thought he might try steering by telepathy after leaving his transmitter at home. Thankfully Mike shared Abigail’s favours and between her and the PRO duties they all had a lovely time.

      Great to welcome Don back to the Duck. Despite sorting his new ‘95 out, he sailed well and will be one to watch over the coming months. It is rumoured he may also be joining the growing numbers of DF65 fans at the Duck soon too. These pocket rockets are low cost, high fun boats that are satisfying to sail and are enjoying stratospheric growth world wide.

      Kermit was looking good and showing some serious form at the pointy end until he grew a fatal attraction to one of our starting line buoys.

      Geoff was competitive and on his best behaviour, except for the race where he wanted to shorten it whilst in the lead! 🙄

      Stuart took some coaxing to get his boat out of the car and on to the water, but once there he sailed her well to second place on the day.

      Despite the conditions we managed one scratch and 3 handicap races today before the forecast Southerlies arrived. Like true gentlemen sailors that we are, coffee was called for and all retired to the comfort of the lounge for refreshment and tall stories.

      Results from the three races today were.

      Don on 14 points, Geoff on 13, Dave and Kermit both on 12, Stuart on 8 points and Col on 5.

      Big thank you to Mike and Viper Racing Tas for taking and editing the pics and vids in this report.

      Looking forward to some great racing next Tuesday sailing the mighty DF65. With the new larger pond allowing longer courses and better viewing, sailing @ the Duck just got a whole lot more fun. See you there.



      for more pics from the day click here

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