RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 09.4.19

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      Winter may be cooling things down weather wise but the racing today at Puddleduck was red hot.

      For most of the time it was hard to see daylight between boats from start to finish and it made for a very exciting day full of fun and friendly rivalry.

      The forecast strong winds and rain never eventuated and in its place was some at times steady 10 knot breezes and sunshine. To be honest the fickle direction of the wind in the morning drove everyone nuts. This was most apparent early on though by race four or five it had became steadier and a little less baffling.

      It was great to John #62 with us today. His black hull and sails combo look fantastic together. John is just starting out and is steadily improving week on week.

      Kermit #82 started the day on a high with a second place in race one. A few races in though his jib luff rope let go and he was forced to make emergency repairs.

      Pete #78, aka Pink Bits sailed well and consistently just fading a little towards the end.

      Don #99 had some fine races today though he started the day slow. By race 6 he was finding some real form with three podium finishes.  By  then it was too late to salvage a higher placing than his fifth for the day.

      Col #23 also had a mixed day with poor decisions and equally poor eyesight damning his chances of a final podium.

      Geoff #80 sailed quietly away to take a well deserved third overall today. With four firsts, a second and two thirds he was a class act, the quiet achiever.

      Gerald #02 began and finished the  day well with consecutive first places, adding another in race 5. Gerald read the conditions well and made the most of the fickle breezes to increase his lead and finish the day in overall second position.

      Geoff #421 was our visitor today from WA. Geoff overpowered the locals with a stunning display of radio sailing. Great boat speed and good decision making put Geoff in a well deserved top spot and winner for the day.

      After 10 races with two drops the results were.

      John on 57 points, Kermit on 48, Pete on 32, Don on 31, Col on 24, Geoff on 23, Gerald on 19 and winner today Geoff O on 17 points.

      Congratulations everyone, thanks for coming along and making it another fantastic day @ the Duck.

      Sorry no photos again this week, am working on a project to bring you some on-water shots next week though.

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      Thanks for the report Col.

      Sounds like a good morning was had by all.

      Hopefully, with a few other projects nearing completion, I will make it next Tuesday.

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      If your name didn’t start with the letter “G” then you were off the pace today. The Gs ruled and at times made it look easy. For some of us at least there is next week………..

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      WELL TODAY was the day for the new bee  Geoff…. only because I decided to allow him to win …. its the Taswegian way ….always allow the new bee to win   I faked the jib problem and the sail winch  problem just to let ol Geoff have his day   I even went so far as to take the duck hunter out of the water  to let the others get a place  that’s just the sort of fella I am    HOWEVER  next time if we have no other  main landers turn up  there will be no quarter given ……. unless someone wants to win an they buy me a cup of tea  (earl grey) 2 sugar milk     stirred not shaken   thank you

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      Crack up 🤣😂

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