RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 1/11/2022

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      There was a blustery and swirling North-Wester of about 15 knots at the start of today’s racing at the vineyard. We did consider the B-rig option but in the end all skippers elected for the A-rig and, as so often is the case at Puddleduck, it was the best choice for getting through the calm voids.

      New skipper Dennis Oates showed real wisdom in deciding to not to race today. He gained good learning by staying to watch and doing the scoring. Thanks Dennis.

      Dave Poon struggled with the conditions at times but toiled hard to complete the course most races.

      Trout had an ordinary day by his high standards. He missed the start in the first race and things went downhill from there. A lock-up with Bodge before the start of race 7 eliminated him from that race and then servo problems ‘iced the cake’.

      Ron Cullen and Dave Woolley were always in the mix and both scored a race win today. The pair finished equal on points with Gadget getting the nod on count-back.

      I struggled at times today but managed four 2nd places for 4th overall.

      Phil Turnbull sailed a new boat today, (nice light blue), and performed well especially in the early races to take out 3rd place overall today. Now, if I have this right Phil now has three DF95’s, a DF65 and five IOM radio yachts. This, my friends, is a man with a serious addiction!

      Second place today went to the ever-consistent Bodge with nothing worse than 4th in the tally once discards were taken.

      And today’s winner was again Jammy – but not by so much today. We are all closing the gap.

      Congratulations to all!

      And we got the weather window just perfect today as it was sun-cream and hats for the racing but a serious hail storm as we travelled home.


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      Great write up as usual Shorty and I reckon everyone enjoyed the day no matter what.

      I have some hat cam footage that I will try and post here. I’m trying something different where I have added videos to a playlist and we’ll see if that link works here.

      If not, I will add the videos separately.



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      Shorty, sounds like another fun day @ the Duck. Thanks for your report.

      Don’t worry about Phil having an addiction to things RC, he still has a looooong way to go.

      I currently have in order of size;

      1 Victoria

      1 Mt Gay 30

      1 DF65

      1 DF95

      2 IOM’s

      and then for the bigger ones;

      1 Nautic 12

      1 10R

      1 A Class

      & I can’t even find time to sail most weeks due to generally flying one or more of the 19 planes currently in the hanger.

      and I’m not addicted, just enjoying my second childhood !!

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        Now, that is a decent list Mike!!!

        What do you think of linking a playlist in the forum?  First time I have tried it and I think it looks and works pretty well.

        I thought you may have showed up today with your 95 as the weather was quite good and the wind make for some exciting sailing.

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      I only have 4 I.O.M.s Shorty but you forgot my Marblehead!! Phil.

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      Great days sailing chaps, great write up Shorty, great hat cam videos Gadget 👍

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