RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 24/05/2022


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      As advertised, Puddleduck was cool and beautiful this morning. As the overcast skies disappeared we became drenched in warm sunlight and softly caressed by the light and mostly steady 5-7 knot NorWesterly breeze.  Perfect!

      It was great to see our Ron C #164 back with us now, relaxed, racing well and enjoying his day free from being inconvenienced by employment.  Better start cooking Ron!

      David P #81 has become a great supporter of the Merry Men of Puddleduck Pond turning up every week. David ran out of battery power in race 7 and retired thereafter.

      It’s a measure of how far the whole group has improved their skills when regular winners from last year start having mid fleet finishes in this. Four such talented sailors could be included in this grouping. Don #99 , Pete #78, Geoff #80 and Phil #32 all had kangaroo days with a podium or two thrown in.

      Don #99’s moment in the sun came in race seven with a second place (first in DF’s) and a third in the last race of the day.

      Pete #78 enjoyed his day out with his sailing mates with a nice consistent run of fourth’s and fifth’s. After a stealthy fountin’ mountin’ in race seven he finished well with a second in race 8 and an outright victory in the last.

      Bloody Geoff #80 languished in the lower end of the fleet early, finally coming good for podium places in R7 and R9. Geoff had a lovely social time today being involved in many jolly old meetups as he does.

      Phil #32 raced well however the “Smiling Assassins’ two second place finishes unfortunately bookended a raft of mid-fleet ones.

      Similarly John M #368 and the Admiral #23 suffered identical fates with a string of lower order finishes popping up for podium firsts only to disappear back into the melee thereafter.

      Graeme RG65 #52 also took time to wind up for his best podium place, a third in race five.

      The conditions when light mostly didn’t suit the RG’s however those races when it did strengthen, those greyhounds quickly ran out of track. Stuart RG65 #8 was a good example of this claiming three first places and a third in the stiffer breezes. Stuart easily wins this Tuesdays RG series. Congratulations.

      Bodge #6 ran a good race program in all but three races today. His best an outright victory in race eight adding to the twin thirds claimed earlier.

      Jammy #39 showed early brilliance taking consecutive first and second places in the first two races plus a third in race four, thereafter falling to the fate of many today when saddled with a big early handicap.

      A first, three seconds and a third put our Trout #11 in an all but unassailable position today. With a handicap amounting to giving the whole fleet 50 seconds start for the last three races when he finally seccumed to lower order finishes. Congratulations on winning a well earned first overall and first for DF65’s Trout. Magnificent effort.

      Big thank you to Sue for scoring and start sequencing, Ron and Mike for score calculation and publishing and thank you also to our skippers who came out to join in the fun today. It was truly enjoyable.


      Just as I was leaving via the tasting rooms today I had a quick chat with one of our wonderful hosts Jackie Brown. She suggested putting on a quarterly or monthly social event for all skippers and their families by way of thanking us for our continued patronage.

      We are so very, very lucky to have a wonderful place to sail provided by such warm and generous hosts, I didn’t quite know what to say. I thought perhaps it is we who should be putting on something for them!

      I have nothing in mind at the moment  however I would like everyone to put their thinking caps on and make suggestions back to me (text the number below) on what form this possibly might take.

      Early thoughts could be of a lunchtime focus, a morning tea or anything else that comes to mind for you. No suggestion too silly or obvious.

      Leave it with you. SMS (text) 0457585263

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