RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 10/09/‘19


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      The Merry Men of Puddleduck Pond got a lot more than they bargained for today. The 6-8 knots of mostly Westerly over the race course was nice, but the frequent 20+ knot gusts from every direction imaginable made it more like a survival course. Out of the nine boats that started only five finished the day intact.

      New man Dennis #37 made his debut with a lovely turned out, brand new boat and factory sails. His joy at the christening of his new boat  was short lived however as a couple of very strong gusts pushed her rigging out of shape making her impossible to sail and forcing Dennis’ early retirement.

      Our Geoff #79 also turned up with a brand new hull. For the first two races he was very fast and near impossible to catch. Just before we could swab him for performance enhancing substances, disaster struck in the form of a fried rudder servo, saving us all the trouble!

      Kermit #82 was again cheated out of last place today and despite his assurances to never do it again, he broke down and won race six. Not only that but he achieved hero status shortly afterward with a dash into the pit of hell to rescue Ron’s wayward craft.  What a good frog he is!

      Speaking of Ron # 71. He didn’t really race today, instead he selflessly devoted his time to testing all the banks around the pond, looking for shallow water. By all counts it was an outstanding success as many were found.

      Our Gerald #02 after winning two first places by race five, then took ‘sandbagging’ to a whole new level in race six. He told some wild fabricated story about a wayward winch and then promptly took his boat out of the water. Some people!

      Mike #96 was having a fluffy one today. Turned up without camera, start sequencer and late. Saving grace was he managed to bring a transmitter this time which helped his efforts in winning the last race of the day immeasurably.

      Pete #27 found the fountain feeder pipe at full noise while leading race three. In what looked like a keel ripping collision, poor Plain Jane somehow survived and went on to win the next race, then two seconds and a third. Boats fine Pete.

      Col #72 became uncomfortably close to several buoys today, starting many vicious rumours. For the second time in two consecutive race days the red terror  managed to strangle multiple buoys who were just hanging around minding their own business.

      Stuart #58 was Mr Consistency today. Withstanding several rammings of the feeder pipe mentioned above and some close encounters of the froggy kind, he turned in four third places and two outright victories to claim the honour of today’s overall winner. Congratulations and well done.

      After eight races with one drop the final points were:

      Dennis and Ron DNS no points recorded, Geoff on 36, Kermit on 35, Gerald on 29, Mike on 26, Pete on 21, Col on 19 and our winner today Stuart on 18 points.

      Many thanks once again to Phil for being our Race Officer and scorer, your work is much appreciated by everyone.

      Pics by Mike, words by Col and survival by just a few.

      Next week we race our favourite ‘Pocket Rockets’ the awesome DF65’s. See you there.

      More pics of the day here

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      LETS START WITH THE ADMIRAL  shall we    He is a big buggar for sure so why is he up front and personal with our boys   they just sit there bothering no one  but on several  occasions as well as today his aggression towards  the little suckers  is a worry to be sure  Is command starting to get to the big fella  dunno   we will be watching …. staying with troubled individuals GEOFF  what’s with this boy  first class sailor  is no one talking to him  are we becoming ” elitist ”  “clicky  ”  if your not at the pointy end we wont talk to you  this is the only reason I can think of as to why the buggar is trying to take my spot  its exclusive Geoff  if you want to join just ask  put it in writing    I noticed that the admiral implied that the top gun UNCLE G  my understudy  was  in a term i’m unfamiliar with  “sandbagging”  pulled his boat out  and put it away   I witnessed smoke  coming from the cover on the boat before he retired  and witnessed the flame when he took the hatch cover off  we both extinguished the flame  with an apparatus we males carry  we could have used sandbags ( humour  )  whilst on topic of misadventures  mudflats Ron B  was again experimenting with the sides of the pond  as noted by the wallowing as we sailed past   instead of hitting boys maybe the admiral might like to try mudflats therapy  Under the interesting weather Wind more Wind    flamin storm Wind to calm placid light air  we sailed on  as we will next week   LETS hope that the aggression seen today is replaced with harmony and sweet music                                             what a load of crap   bring it on

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      The Admiral does seem to be attracted to the buoys!

      An interesting day of sailing well reported and recorded.

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      YES PETE ITS good to know someone else sees a possible total nervous break down from the admiral  if you like I can put a post on site to make you vice admiral  just in case he strips off an jumps naked into the pond  “after the boys ” that’s wrong isn’t it  buoys  spelling it correctly wont help him will it……..  lets hope that every one who reads the blog takes note on the admirals actions an tries to help alleviate his frustration one can do this by letting him win one or two races  let him think he did it by him self   I sure as hell don’t want the buggar with me  that’s unkind “should read”  no way do I want that buggar in my spot  cos he sure as hell gunna try soon  GOTTA GET GEOFF  away first  for the possible move in for the big fella  tough days ahead

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