RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 10/12/2019


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      Right from the get go today was going to be a cracker. Nice steady(ish) breeze from the South to South West, very comfortable temperature and 12 happy skippers to sport with ….. who could ask for more?

      Great to see John #62 on the water having a rare day off from his tour operator duties. Lack of stick time saw John make a slow start, finally finding form in race six where he finished second.

      Brother Mike #64 too started slow and found  form late coming home third in the last race of the day.

      Ron #71 heard there was some changes to the weed and bank arrangements @ da Duck and so stopped in and took a (much) closer look.

      Spare a thought for our unofficial club champion and all round good guy Gerald #02 who broke a backstay on his A+ rig before he even got it in the water!

      Next on the attrition list Col #23 jumped out of the blocks early and was looking dangerous until race four when servo breakdowns sent his day pear shaped.

      Kermit #82 almost had the perfect day when he unexpectedly let it slip by winning race seven. He appealed to the race committee to allow it to be dropped but was roundly refused amid great laughter.

      The ‘kangaroos’ were back haunting the unflappable one’s game today. Our Don #99 was all over the place until race six when he finally found the form that had been eluding him with a third in race six and a fourth in race seven.

      Geoff #80 had the hammer down today and was looking the goods for a top three finish until he too suffered servo failure in race six, joining Gerald and Col on the bench.

      New RC skipper Ben #73 showed why he will be at the pointy end very soon with a good consistent string of mid to upper fleet finishes putting him in overall fourth position for the day.

      A first, two seconds and a third for our Justin #61 put him in a well deserved third spot. Every week we are seeing Justin sailing faster and smarter and for someone new to RC sailing, that is just great to see.

      Graeme #52 wore the Mr Consistency title on course today. A string of great finishes including two each of seconds, thirds, fourths and fifths should have seen him on the top step. With nothing in it, Graeme took a well deserved second overall.

      Our Ricky #92 well and truly put his stamp on the day with some very creative sailing including two firsts, a second and two thirds and two fifths.  Congratulations on becoming today’s champion mate.

      After eight races with a single drop the final scores were:
      Ron on 82 points, Gerald on 74, John on 54, Kermit on 54, Col on 48, Mike on 46, , Geoff on 39, Don on 37, Ben on 32, Justin on 24, Graeme on 23 and our overall winner today Ricky on 19 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for making it another fun cracking day @ da Duck.

      Thank you to our PRO today Phil for a great job well done. Our Phil goes into surgery tomorrow for his lower back, so we wish him great success and hopefully in January 2020 we will have the pleasure of his company @ da Duck once again.

      Photographs & Video
      Did you notice the excellent photographs in this post? They were taken by Rickys son Tristan who came along and took over 200 images today. Classy work thank you. As they become available there will be more photos from Tristan and some Video from Kermit, so watch this space

      More pics from today available here

      Bring some tucker with you next Tuesday 17th and we’ll fire up the ‘ Duck BBQ after our sailing (like last year). A good laugh and feed washed down with a few end of year drinks sounds like just the ticket.

      Words by Col, fun by everyone!


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      Another great day & a fine report there Col, excellent pics by Tristan. I’ve added a few more that I took in the Photo Album section accessible via the link above.

      Tristan is now a paid up member so now has access to the site to post his pics.

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      Good move!!

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      Great day once again

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      NOW THE DOWN SIDE   unfortunately the video program refuses to allow me to edit and send to utube an then to rc toys  so im looking for a program  from what i have seen the videos are very good  and why not i took em  so gentlemen it will be some time before you see them  if ever  sorry

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      Hey Kermit that is sad news. Can I recommend an app that I have found very good for editing and forwarding?
      Its called splice, has a good interface, is fairly intuitive and doesn’t take up much memory or hard disk space. https://splice.com/

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      i just went to that site its all about music  no video stuff that i could see

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      Yes, my bad. It is a video editor for IOS (iPhone, iPad) not PC. I use it on my iPhone and it is really good (and free). 😉

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      I WILL FIND A PROGRAM and will attempt to get something going but it will take time

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      Kermit, I will give you a hand tomorrow to set up the program to work correctly.

      If you install Teamviewer (https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/windows/)on your PC I can dial in from here and assist you.

      It will work fine, you just need very specific settings, especially for Youtube.

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      TELECOM IS working on the lines  sometimes connections lost  but very very slow like 8mins to move   let you know friday as to every thing ……may still need your assistance if ok  ta

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