RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 11/10/2022


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      Twelve friends gathered for some champagne sailing in glorious weather @ da duck today. Breeze in the 4 – 8kn range, oscillating between NW and NNW, no cloud and warm sunshine.

      Pooney #81 made some very good starts but lacked boat speed enough to fully capitalise on it.

      The Unflappable One #99 also made some great starts that were only let down by his recent eye surgery making it difficult to perceive distances … and therefore marks. Despite these handicaps Don still managed a very creditable second place in race seven.

      Sheep # 37 had a difficult time trying to find his mojo this morning. Setup was tricky for everyone in the light, variable conditions and David’s best result came in race eight with a sixth.

      Gadget #164, fresh back from the North Island and quality time spent with grandchild and daughter, took a little while for the glow to lift and to get started today. Ron finally found his feet by winning the last race of the day.

      Bloody Geoff #80 came out of the blocks in a hurry this morning by easily winning our first race by a comfortable margin. Thereafter his results took a turn for the worst dwelling mid fleet for the following eight races.

      Cookie RG#52 is not out of the woods yet it would seem. His greyhound was bothered by being caught in irons during quite a few turns. Taking a few DNF’s while he figured out the problem, he came back strong in the sixth race with a solid second place finish.

      The Admiral #23 had quite a few moments of missed bouys (#4 twice #5 once) plus a brief flirtation with the fountain. Despite these malfunctions he still managed a third in the DF65 class and forth overall today.

      Bodge #6 looked fast and ready to take on the pointy end right from the get go. Showing good consistency, Ian’s two seconds and two thirds put him well in contention, eventually claiming fourth overall in the DF65 class.

      The Smiling Assassin #32 had the ‘roos today despite a second in race two and a first in race five. Phil was sailing well but his overall score suffered with too many mid fleet finishes.

      The lighter conditions weren’t ideal for the RG rockets and Scrooges missile RG#8 was no exception. A first, a second and two thirds is not shabby by anyone’s yardstick though and Stuart finished with a smile and second overall for all classes.

      Trout #11 was consistent as ever at the pointy end, sailing well and smoothly into second overall for the DF65 class and third in the mixed. We will be missing Trouts good humour and excellent sportsmanship for the next couple of race days while he visits the North Island.

      Mix good boat speed, clean sailing and consistent good decision making and you would sum up Jammy’s #39 fine overall and DF win today. At times he seemed to have the breeze on a string and took many podiums in the last few meters of races. Well done Jammy.

      Big thanks to Sue for a sterling job on the scores and timing again. Admiral for words and web publishing.

      If you haven’t already done so, check out the wealth of info on our website under tips and tricks. Link here



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      Picked up a Panama hat after coffee, Must belong to a real poser.  Anyone who owns the hat can make application to ‘moi’, and consideration will be given to returning it.

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        Be to small for your big ‘ed old mate. Stick it on your car’s parcel shelf and improve your status among the bowling community!😉

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      Get ya facts straight.  Don’t bowl and Honda hatchback has no parcel shelf.  Obviously not yours!

      Put a match to it today – burns well.

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