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      Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 11.09.’18

      DF’s at the Duck

      The promised forecast of good winds and sunshine brought 9 keen skippers to the start line at 10am this morning.

      Big surprises from 2 of our number who brought their 65’s along; Peter (I wonder where that wire goes?) and Dave (who’s 95 is still in sick bay). These two pocket rockets did more than keep the 95’s honest, they won races against them!

      As the day progressed so too did the wind speed and what started out as an easy A Rig had by coffee time, (race 6), turned into a decidedly nervous B. Those that hung on to their A’s flew downwind but lost it all on the beat where their excessive heel angles killed their boat speed.

      Ron found the underside of the viewing platform when his boat no longer responded to the helm. Unfortunately the rescue was messy and the damage put and end to his racing for the rest of the day.

      Stuart, our newest member, was running hot until the change to B rig where the jib boom hold down rope on this rig parted during a big gust right at the start line.

      The coffee break on the observation deck is always a good time to wind down and socialise, a welcome feature of Puddleduck sailing.

      All day the racing was high pitched and incredibly tight with everyone getting a first or second placing at some point.

      At the end of 9 races with one drop the final score was Ron: 54 points, Kermit: 42 points, Dave (DF65): 41 points, Mike (last week’s winner): 40 points, Tony: 39 points, Pete (DF65): 38 points, Geoff: 37 points, Stuart: 25 points and Col: 19 points.

      Next week the fun resumes featuring DF65’s this time. DF’s @ the Duck is a day for all DF’s at Puddleduck Vinyard pond. If you don’t have the featured boat that week, come along and bring what you have anyway. Our simplified handicap system keeps the playing field level and gives everyone a chance at the pointy end.



      for more pics from the day click here

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