RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 12/11/2019


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      With a somewhat daunting forecast of strong blustery winds it was most pleasing to see 9 happy skippers come out to play @ da Duck.

      The weather was quite busy at times and a variety of rigs were tried however most skippers settled on the standard A which worked well.

      Great to see Ricky #92 back from his Leyland Brothers outback tour of the big island.  Ricky was definitely pumped to be back and with a string of first places today he lost no time getting back in the game.

      Gerald #02 changed his mind on what rig to use more often than a woman at a shoe sale. Sadly this did nothing for his performance as apart from a race seven win he was only factionally faster than Ron #71 who brought the wrong boat and then only sailed one race. Not their finest hours

      Graeme #52 was back on the water today sporting a smaller suit of sails on his RG. Despite a good start in the early races Graeme, like most of us today got foxed by the rapid wind strength and fast direction changes.

      Col #23, almost unrecognisable in white sails found buoy #3 irresistible today by getting up close and personal to it twice in the same race. Pretty ordinary sailing for the Admiral but lots of laughs so who cares?

      Starting slow, Don #99 found form by race 3 & 4 and was looking dangerous. His efforts at sandbagging the next few races all went a little pear shaped from which the unflappable one never recovered.

      Mike #64 was all sixes and sevens today with one bright spot, a second place in race seven. Like most of us today, bending on the A rig for him was practically a new experience. Certainly one we don’t get too often @ da Duck.

      Geoff #80 was always a contender today and mastered the tricky conditions well. Two firsts, a second and two thirds closed out the day for  him but were dragged back by slower finishes in the first three.

      The cream rose to the top today with a well deserved win to our Pete #78. With two firsts, three seconds and three thirds Pete was Mr consistency ++. Congratulations! A well deserved win from good decisions, great boatspeed and a dash of Duck luck when it was needed.

      After nine races with two discards the score totals were:

      Ron on 62 points, Graeme on 41, Gerald on 41 (countback), Mike on 39, Don on 28, Col on 22, Geoff on 20, Ricky on 16 and our winner today Pete on 14 points.

      Big thanks to Phil Jackman again today for scoring and being RO. Hope to see you on the water soon.

      No pics today as no-one could take their eyes off their boats to take one, such were the intense conditions and competition.

      Another great day @ da Duck, thanks everyone for making it so much fun. Next week it’s time to unleash the greyhounds of the DF world once more, the mighty 95’s.

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      Duck luck was the key factor – makes you look fast (or slow)!!

      Thanks for a great day of fun close racing.

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      Good to be back,great day,s sailing


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