RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 13-04-2021

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      I think everyone would agree that it was difficult sailing in the very quiet conditions today.
      Although, thanks to Ricky and others for refreshing the basic sailing rules, everyone seemed to be very well mannered and on their best behaviour.
      As I mentioned, following is a YouTube video by Patrick Rynne I found where he gives and excellent presentation using animation and video on the basic rules of RC sailing.

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      Thanks for the post Ron, I changed your link to correctly display the video.

      No wind eh, we must have had it all down @ the Flying Field.


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      It was a good day even though we only got 5 races in

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      I also captured some hat cam video footage of some of the races. Being a “hat cam”, it’s a bit wobbly and there is no zoom and I have not done much editing. Definitely not up to Kermit’s standards but hopefully you will get something out of it.

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      Looking pretty good for Hat Cam footage Ron, well done.

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      Nice job Ron.Thanks Trout for your input into some basic rules,and Sue for scoring.Results were 1st Trout,2nd Justin,3rd Geoff. A very enjoyable  day had by all

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      Thanks for the footage. I don’t think I missed too much today.



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      Except that you were missed Pete.

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      well done Ron cobber  ITS great to get  video of the sailing  ta cobber

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        Thank you Mr Kermit.  I need to remember to stop looking around so much while recording with the the hat cam 🙂

        Did you watch the YouTube video on the basic sailing rules?  I think Patrick Rynne explains them very well and there was a couple of rules that I was not aware of!!!

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      YEP BIG FELLA I LOOKED  not all the video I must admit  but I will when I have time   as for NEW RULES  to be fair we started puddle duck for pleasure and not be like risdon  brook who have lost so many members because of  rule sticking  and aggressive sailing  thus loosing the pleasure /fun  So  we strive for a few basic common sense rules  if its over done we will be like them and we all will loose  no one wants wankers dick taking rules every time you move  That’s how we started out Its the way it should be left  no sneaky rules sliding in  there I believe every one who started with us in the early days agreed to that . THERE YA COBBER   thanks again for the vids P.S  as I told the admiral if a fly day comes up on the second week then I will forgo that fly  and record puddle duck  STILL STANDS

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        Very good points indeed Kermit.  We were discussing the basic rules which will help people to be more courteus towards other sailors for a more enjoyable sailing experience all around.

        Not intending to introduce new rules.  It definitely wouldn’t be enjoyable if it went the way of Risdon Brook as you mention.  After all, we all just want to have fun.

        I look forward to the next sailing day 🙂

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          emmm interesting words you used Mr Ron sir  ‘I quote  ” MORE COURTEUS towards other sailors ”   so now when I run over trouty  Iv gotta say …Sorry  please  or forgive me twouty  for I have sinned INSTEAD OF  ” GIT OUTA ME WAY YA GREAT BIG BLOODY HERRING ” seems to me that some rules should  stand  as is…. Iv seen the great trout chasseing poor defenceless baby ducks  does the new  correct terminology incorporate this no chase rule  WHY NOT  THEIR DUCKY SAILORS are they not   AN ONE THING MORE   score sheet workers  IE    SUE..  wouldn’t it be more courteous and enjoyable if in the warmer weather  she be allowed to wear a bikini  or make it compulsory ….   Now that would bring in more sailors  an make it ” QUOTE  ” more enjoyable   something to ponder emmmmm ……..just sayin

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      Good report Ron and well done everyone. Looking forward to being back with the team again soonish. 👍🏻

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      Thank you Mr Admiral. It will be good to see you again 🙂

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      NO GOOD BEING NICE TO THE X ADMIRAL   RON  he will only hurt you later on  …..just don’t say you like video work

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        Sage advice there Kermit.

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      i did a stir on the admiral musta not submitted it bit of a buggar  so my reply will seem out of context  ie video work   other than that it will be nice to see the cabin boy back at the pond even if its just a blow in or as were getting used to a flutter in or though last time he did seem to have a limp wrist sailing ay    Sage word you say CAPT’N  my my lets not use that word in reference to me ……… ….just sayin

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