RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 13/08/‘19


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      A real taste of Spring greeted the 11 starting skippers today with warm sunny skies and a constant 5 – 8 knots N and NW. Playfully keeping us amused as it shifted in improbable directions from time to time.

      We were honoured to have sailing royalty with us today in the form of legendary big boat skipper Phil Jackman. He shared Stuart’s boat #58 and took a turn at PRO duties, performing both with calm efficiency. We look forward to having Phil join our regular ranks soon when his new DF95 arrives.

      Graham #52 briefly tested recent repairs on his RG65 rudder servo then he and Sue PRO’d the first few races before headed off to other commitments.

      As the racing got underway it become obvious that the racing today was going to be as spectacular as the conditions we were blessed with.

      Kermit #82 was on fire, running hard and giving no quarter. His two victories and two second places announcing the Duck Boy has arrived.

      Justin’s new 95’ despite the lack of numbers sailed well and looked threatening at every turn, Ricky #05 too was making the most of the lighter conditions, his Mt Gay 30 pulling off a stunning victory in race five.

      Don #99 was as keen as ever, the unflappable one sharp and ready to pounce on the slightest mistake. He sailed well all day and was unlucky not to finish higher in the placings.

      Geoff #79 well on his way back to good health found great form after the second race.

      His outright victory in race six sat well with his two thirds and two fourths for the day.

      Mike #96 was as enigmatic as ever, just enjoying his sailing and having fun in the great conditions at Puddleduck.

      Paul #59 brought his ‘65 along and after some tweaking stole the show with a victory in race 10. We are yet to see this mans’ true potential, so stay sharp and watch out.

      No sh*t Stuart #58 brought his A game to the ‘Duck today and was difficult to beat all day.

      Hampered by numerous missed buoys and a handicap that would kill a horse, Col’s #72’s 5 second places today made him the inevitable bridesmaid once more.

      Mr Consistency Gerald #02 proved again you don’t have to win a lot of races, just be there in the first group of finishers for every race. His two wins and five third placings saw him take out today’s honours once more. Congratulations on some great racing and skilled sailing Gerald, you are today’s well deserved winner.

      After 11 races with two drops, the final scores were:

      Paul on 73 points, Justin on 58, Mike on 53, Ricky on 51, Kermit on 41, Geoff on 37, Don on 33, Stuart on 33 (countback), Col on 31 and our winner today Gerald on 27 points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for making today the great fun it was.

      Big thank you to Mike for the stunning pics and running the starting sequence.

      The rest of Mike’s great pics from the day are here

      I look forward to more of the same next week when the pocket rockets come out to play @ da Duck.

      See y’all then!

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      ONCE AGAIN my padawan  has shown the world how really good he is  consistently showing how its done mind blowing stuff as I started to read the admirals report on today’s fantastic day he started  with  “we were honoured to have royalty  in the form of the legendary  big boat sailor ”  that’s when I was so honoured that the admiral at long  last has acknowledge me as royalty and a legendary boat skipper but what followed in that same sentence was some other fella by the name of Phil Jackman  there’s no two royalty  so I think the admiral had a typo error  I’m sure of it     what a day for close finishes  an the tussells  boats way out in front then zap no wind and the others come charging through how many times did that happen ay  we missed ol pink bits today  AS my padawan needs real competition  the” BRIDES MAID” is no longer a serious contender for UNCLE G that leaves PINK BITS (PETE ) AND MYSELF  as the next  leaders on the podium  the old guard must fade away as there doing  now  if the predator concentrated  on his races instead of taking pictures he would be higher up the ladder today as i saw it  so thanks from all of us admiral /predator sir  for the pic’s  brilliant tactics were seen today by the  wanta be sailing gods  but there can only be one………..   better luck newt week fella’s

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      It certainly was a great day at Puddleduck and nothing like the weather we had been getting for the previous several days, a magnificent spring day was turned on by the weather gods.

      A good fleet of boats today, the fleet numbers seem to be growing exponentially with the closer we get to summer.

      I really need to put a bit more effort into the actual racing as with the rest of the fleet improving out of site I am getting left behind.

      Need to come up with a way of automating the picture taking so I can concentrate more on the sailing.

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      Seems I missed another great day at the Duck.  Great report and photos.

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        It sure was Pete, thanks for the comments.

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      Great comments guys. Yes it was an exceptional day all round. Thank you Kermit for stripping back the guff and giving the ‘real’ report on the day. You were missed Pete and it was a one to remember.

      Perhaps Mike, something automated and terribly techy like perhaps setting up a static camera over the start line. Next race set it up overlooking the Windward mark. Use a blue tooth button to fire off lots of shots (and video) while you enjoy more of your sailing.

      Just an idea.

      Also an issue coming up is with our fleets growing we will reach a stage where too many boats are on the water at the same time. Windward mark = insane!!

      I got an idea of how we could manage this situation from a Facebook group based in the USA and I’ll share that with you all (y’all) next Tuesday.

      Until then smile and keep the coloured side up (Icarex joke).


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        Yes, I can do that as I have a long range wireless remote control for the camera, just need to remember the tripod & we’re good to go.

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      ADMIRAL SIR. I think I saw that video  I recon its a brilliant idea  and it will work……… as I saw it all boats not green start 2 minutes after the green boat crosses the line  excellent  idea  but why wait implement that coarse of action now  SHOW  the reason why your the admiral / tough decisions  /open to bribes / ability to fix organise races  / excellent communicator / able to leap buildings in a single bound    (got carried away there)   but you got the idea  if you need help for more good ideas just ask

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