RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 13/09/22


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      Perfect was the forecast and at times, perfect on the water….problem was there just wasn’t enough perfect go around and without it the breeze turned soft and very fluky! Despite these conditions everyone got some ‘Duck Luck” at times and we all had a good morning ‘off the couch’.

      The Smiling Assassin #32 came out of the blocks in a hurry and a claimed the first win, then paid the price with six fifth place finishes after that.
      Big improver this week was Cooksey RG65 #52. A new mainsail from the Radio Sailing Shop did wonders for his boat speed and Graeme sailed well with two seconds and two third places today.

      The Hobart Chinaman #81 hung in there and finished with placings Old mate Kermit would have been proud of.

      Fab #17 is still working the bugs out his new rig and getting familiar with the quirks of the df65. At times Phil showed good boat speed with just the odd poor decision setting him back in the fleet.

      The Unflappable Don #99 had a good day on the water with lots of close races, two second and three third place finishes. Great to have you back at the pointy end again Don.

      Sad start for the Admiral #23 this morning. a forestay bowsie didn’t hold and allowed the entire forestay line to disappear up the slot. There was nothing for it pond side but to be a spotter for Sue, take a few vids and pics and make sure everyone was playing nice.

      Trout #11 without question read the conditions better than anyone and showed yet again what good consistent sailing looks like.
      Claiming best overall for the day in the DF65 class with two outright wins and three seconds Trout was never far from the front despite starting the final race with a 35 second handicap.

      Scrooge’s RG65 #8 greyhound was unstoppable this morning even with a ‘Fountain Mountain quickie’. When the breeze did pick up a little he left everyone in his wake. With five wins in the bag Stuart is our overall winner today. Congratulations mate well done.

      Big thanks to Sue for the invaluable work on the timer and scoring. Admiral for scoresheet, pics/vids and story.



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