RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 13/12/2022


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      Blustery forecast lows of seven and highs of 20+ knots were the order of the day, all served up with the hearty side dish of the diabolical wind shifts we have so come to know and love. 🙄

      Yes we had it all today; fountin’ mountin’s,  collisions, tangles and triumphs with all nine skippers having plenty of opportunity to leg-pull on each other’s misfortunes.

      Poonie #58 was pretty certain it was going to be a survival course and so dressed his charge in a skimpy, svelte little B rig number. Nope, the dress code turned out to be the boring old A rig again and he alas caught without a change!

      The chaos began even before the first starting gun as Jammy #23 and Gadget #164 got up close and personal, drifting all the while toward the viewing deck danger zone. Lucks’ a fortune as their drifting charges missed certain annihilation by mere centimetres, finding instead the nice soft bank beside it.

      With the course finally set into a 4-1 sausage by race two and it now straddling the fountin’ mountin’ dangers, it was only a (short) matter of time before it’s hungry jaws found it’s first victim. We didn’t have to wait long as our Fab #61 fell into its submerged hazards not once, but twice in races seven and nine. Can’t keep a good man down though as the very next race Fab won easily.

      It was a long time between podiums for our Sheep #55 this morning.  A line problem in race one found him doing some scoring for the mob. Did a great job, just put all the results in the wrong place on the page (twice). Duzzenmadder, seconds in races two and eight and thirds in three and six proved the Sheepsta was in good form today. Just don’t let him anywhere near the scoresheet though!

      Bloody Geoff #79 did pretty well today. Piloting his blue bullet to six podiums from the ten races sailed is not too shabby, given the testing conditions. His consistency paid off too with our Geoff taking second overall for the day. Well done mate.

      Apart from having a brief crack at fountin’ mountin’ earlier, the Admirals’ #72 day was filled with winning and losing by wafer thin margins right on the finish line. So much excitement! The ones he was successful in claiming were in races five and seven. Just don’t let him make a last minute course changes … ever again!!

      After the setback before racing began our Gadget #164 took a while to get his charge to the pointy end. By race five he’d found his mojo again and reeled off three second place podiums, sailing well.

      Sporting a new second hand hull, our Smiling Assassin #261 shot to the front in the first four races, looking unstoppable with two firsts and a second. As often happens with unstable conditions and a sizeable early time handicap, our Phil found it very hard to get back to the pointy end again. He had done enough by then however to still claim third overall for the day.

      Bodge #66 put in what would be a pretty ordinary day for him except that he bookended those other less glamorous results with two excellent victories at the beginning and end of the program.

      Jammy#23 was everywhere today. Taking six podiums in a race program where almost anything could happen … and did, was quite an achievement. In those races where he wasn’t standing on the podium he still managed finishes fifth or better. Well done Jammy you are our overall winner.

      Thanks today for all the 95’ers who came out to sail in what is to be their last for the year. Next Tuesday 20th December is the last DF65 day and also our now customary end of year BBQ and drinks. Puddleduck as usual will supply the BBQ and have suitable refreshment available for sale inside whilst we bring whatever we would like to cook/eat at the table outside. If you don’t have a 65’ bring “wot ya got” and we’ll have some fun mixed races anyways. Hope to catch up with you all then.

      Sending out a get-better-soon message to our missing comrades Trout, Shorty and their families from all their ‘Ducker mates. We hope your health troubles are short-lived and we can see you back at the pond ASAP.



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      I am unable to attend Christmas drinks next week but I wish all members a happy Christmas and a safe New Year.



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      Another great write up Admiral, nice work 👍

      You did however fail to mention your walk of shame but that’s now been duly noted 😂😂

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      Interersting day sailing at the Duck and I reckon everyone had a good time.

      Following is my hat cam video for those that are intersted.

      If you watch them, make sure you check out the podium recipients towards the end of the video. Especially if you are one of them!!!

      Race 1

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      Race 2


      Race 3

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      Race 4

      Race 5

      Race 6

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      Race 7

      Races 8, 9 and 10 are still being processed and will be uploaded shortly.





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      Race 8

      Race 9

      Race 10

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      Nice hat cam videos Gadget 👍

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      Just got to watch your vids Gadget. Pretty damn good considering what you are working with. Bravo.

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      Thank you Colin. 🙂👍

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