RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 14/01/2020


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      Good weather with some added challenges faced the nine DF95 skippers today @ da Duck, joining us for the first ’95 day of the new year.

      With a lower than normal water height, some highly variable Southerlies at times and some vigorous new weed populating the perimeter, it turned out to be another Duck Luck kinda day.

      Great to see some old and new faces on the bank, all enjoying themselves. Phil (Trouty) was back with us and busy with the pencil again after his major operation over the Christmas/New Year period.

      Dave W #13 too was back on the bank punting the flying custard around the pond. The shoreline weed at one point claimed the custard as it’s own but was thwarted by the actions of Super Salamander, our very own Kermit #82. His string of selfless good deeds has cemented his name as clubman of the (new) year….. so far.

      After recent spectacular results our Justin #61 just couldn’t get it together today. The sometimes widely variable conditions vexed everyone at times and poor Justin had more than his fair share of them.

      Stuart #58 swapped his controller for the pencil for a few races. This gave Trouty an opportunity to get some sailing in before swapping back. Next race saw Stuart take a turn at fountin’ mountin’ in spectacular fashion. With one fountain arm firmly planted between jib and main it was a miracle for the Mylar found not to be damaged upon its rescue.

      Great to see Ben #65 with his young son Lockie in tow at the pond. Lockie sailed Ben’s ’65 for a race or two before distraction set in. Ben recently visited Melbourne on family matters and took his DF65 with him on the plane. The guys at Lillydale made him welcome and they sound like a great bunch with easy going relaxed attitudes like our own.

      Great to have Peter S #35 now as a regular with us on ’95 days. Peter had good results for most of the program but pulled out the stops in the last race, winning it in fine fashion.

      Our Geoff #79 despite sailing well, claiming a first in race two and having good consistent results throughout the rest of the program was unlucky not to be placed higher.

      Col’s #72 three first places were spoiled by a couple of pretty ordinary results relegating him  back to second place overall.

      David J #23 was present and sailed consistently well to win the day.

      After seven races with one drop the final points were:

      Kermit on 38 points, Justin on 36, Dave on 35, Stuart/Phil on 34, Ben on 29, Geoff on 21, Peter on 21 (countback), Col on 17 and David on 14 points.

      Thank you Trouty and Stuart for scorekeeping and for everyone for coming along and making it a fun day out & da Duck.

      Words and Pics by Col.

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      Twas a perfect day for the 95s  light to no wind an then solid wind later as the day progressed only a few minor incursions into other boats by the green machine with one sinking the other demasted  not to bad but getting better to be fair though it could have happened to then later on  by someone else  ay The green slimy slush around the banks has grown outwards to the stage of serious thinking of removal   several fine skippers including myself  (no laughing ) found ourselves in the slush due to no wind  so it was a tinny extraction  No excuses though for Stuarts effort to move the fountain but still a fine effort for this attempt perhaps another effort later on with more wind  A serious coup was undertaken by Dave to take my coveted position  but skill and dastardly cunning kept my place safe  Great to see Trouty back after his very serious operation ( removal of  ingrown toe nail ) and also for the second time sailing  Dave who also has had a operation ( tummy tuck and silicon insertion )  they both look great …..new men in fact  A very enjoyable day very quite with an occasional  ne deep as the green machine raced to the finish line  and that was our day at the puddleduck  pond  a true reflection on the days happening


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