RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 14.05.’19

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      Monday was just plain nasty, 30-40 knots of wind, rainy and cold. Thankfully none of this was in evidence today as nine skippers turned up for some DF65 fun @ the Duck.

      Wind was very fickle at times with an inexplicable dead spot just before the finish line. This caused some nail biting finishes and more than one close encounter.

      We shared PRO duties among the Merry Men today. Each skipper in turn was awarded average points for that particular race.

      Great to have John #62 back in the fold and sailing well. John joined the elite group of Fountain Flounderers today by wedging his black beast firmly in the fountains’ grasp during race 4. Good work!

      Kermit #82 had a slow start due to some tuning issues but by race 5 & 6 he was back on his game. Kermits PRO style was an example of how it should be done.

      Mike #64 was on weed duty today managing a very respectable 5 out a possible 8 races he collected some on his keel. This ensured the rest of the fleet stayed weed free, and they did.

      Don #99 had a bridesmaids day with 5 fourths out of 8 races. A good sailor out of luck, he will no doubt correct this imbalance in his own unflappable way with the DF95’s next week.

      Darcey #Red, despite missing the first three races, sailing an old cloth A Rig and missing one race start still managed a first, two seconds and a third for the day.

      Our Geoff #80 was having a red hot go today and was a firm favourite for the chocolates up until races 5 & 6 when it all went pear shaped.

      Graeme # was showing great form too with his Green hulled RG. An overall third place gained from his two firsts and a third showed he is getting it dialled in and dangerous.

      Col #23 earned second place overall with a first, two second and two third places, just shy of the day’s winner by 1 point.

      The cream rose once more to the top with Gerald #02 taking out the top honours for the day. A well deserved win by good consistent racing from a seasoned sailor. Congratulations.

      After 8 races with one drop the final results were:

      John on 44 points, Kermit on 36, Mike on 33, Don on 32, Darcey on 31, Geoff on 23, Graeme on 23 (countback), Col on 20 and our winner today Gerald on 19 points.

      Many thanks to all for another great day @ the Duck. Next week we are back on the DF95’s for more fun @ the Duck.

      A few more pics from today available here

      A short video of second lap race four

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