RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 14/07/2020


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      Mid-winter sailing in Tasmania didn’t deter 10 rugged-up skippers from sailing the light NorWesterlies @ da Duck today. For 80% of the morning the breeze held steady at a delightful 4-5 knots with the lulls never glassing off, nor stopping the boats completely.

      Our Ben #65 was back with us today after a long abscence being as he is inconvenienced by employment. Ben started slow and worked his way up through the podiums to take outright victory in race 6.

      Justin #61 must have been giving his boat a hard time at last weekends’ regatta as it refused to work when he turned it on today. Being the good clubman he is, Justin took over the pencil and contributed some nice pics as well. Thanks mate.

      Ricky #92 must have washed his ’95 as it seemed to have shrunk to exactly the same size of a ’65 đŸ˜‰ This of course means he ran before the chasing pack at each start and when the wind freshened Ricky could only watch as the hounds bounded past.

      The Phil #11 leaky boat saga, an enthralling  cliffhanger of discovery and disappointment finally today came to a satisfying conclusion. Gotta hand it to him, Phil made the purchase of a used boat look really, really hard. Still, undaunted, our quiet achiever has at last gallantly rescued the poor damsel in distress.

      Good to see our Stuart #58 back in the saddle again sailing with his customary consistency and good humour. Claiming two outright victories in races 2 & 3 plus a close shave with our silent race killing fountain didn’t deter our Stuart from finishing fourth overall for the day.

      Kermit #82 looking dapper in his new green wardrobe unfortunately took a tumble from his favoured last place today. Whilst Kermit was doing some voluntary circle work near the finish line our Phil cut him out using a handy stack of DNS’s he had accumulated.

      Mike #96 as always enjoying punting his Abigail about and over the last few races she really started to show some form. Unfortunately Mike was unable to turn her (camera) on for some on-water shots due to low self battery esteem đŸ˜‰

      Our Don #99 sailed hard competitive races today scoring well with a third, three seconds and an out right victory in race 5. This to give the unflappable one a well deserved second place overall for the day.

      The Admiral #72 managed to avoid the embarrassment of a fountn’ mountn’ today but not the hungry pack who took every opportunity to plunder the Royal yacht’s rightful place at the finish line. Two firsts, one third, three fourths and a couple of fifths slowed his charge down to third overall for the day.

      Our Pete #27 though not really needing it on current form, found something special today.

      Putting on a masterclass of good clean and fast tactical sailing saw Plain Jane first at the finish line twice plus four second, single third and fourth place giving our smiling assassin outright victory by a country mile today. Congratulations Pete on a well deserved win.

      After eight races with one drop the final results were:

      Phil J on 66 points, Kermit on 55, Ricky on 43, Mike on 36, Ben on 25, Stuart on 24, Admiral Black Heart on 22, Don on 19 and our winner today Pete on just 13 miserly points!

      Congratulations on a great day out everyone. Special thanks to Kermit for pics & vids and Justin for scoring.

      Words by the Admiral.

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      Another great day at the Duck. Many thanks to all for the close racing.

      Duck luck is way more important than boat speed!

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      Truly another fine (if chilly) day of racing @ the Duck. Thanks to all who attended.

      By race 7 I think Abigail was almost back in fine trim. Replaced the rudder servo as soon as I got home so hopefully in a fortnight’s time she will be able to sail a straight line rather than zig zagging all over the place like a drunken sailor.

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        Few too many champers there old girl!!

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      Great pics from Justin and Kermit.  Hardest job was to pick what not to use! Great job guys!

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