RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 14-09-2021

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      Fantastic weather today at the duck but as usual, the light breeze was all over the place which caused race starts in all directions.

      Huge turnout with 14 starters and the top half of the score sheet seemed to be getting all the action for some reason.

      The water pipe collected it’s fair share of keels throughout the day and at one point, there was mention of bypassing buoy 5 and sailing from buoy 4 to the start/finish. We left it in play which made the sailing more challenging.

      The only boat to drop out this week was Gerald 02. He had rudder servo problems.



      First Place #08 Stuart on 22 points

      Second Place #35 Lisa on 22 points (countback)

      Third Place #11 Trouty on 23 points

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      Race 1 hat cam video


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      As the Frog wasn’t present today, I had to sacrifice my sailing and take a video.

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      Thank you Uncle G. Much better than a wobbly hat cam video ūüĎć


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      AWARD WINNING PRODUCTION ….HA ,¬† RON¬† in face of a stealer of a copyrighted¬† duck¬† I think you had the most true video presentation¬† and you didnt steal any ones duck to do it¬† No expensive camera¬† no fancy zooms¬† just raw class¬† well done MR¬† camera man RON ….. AS for UNCLE G ‘s effort¬† when your up against genius raw talent like RON¬† misappropriation of a signature duck wont help¬† but it does show you watched a genious at work for that I thank you TOP GUN VIDEO CLASSES start next week¬† shall I book you in?

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      This weeks Boating award goes to a very good friend

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      Thank you Mr. Moose.

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      SO¬† uncle g your still paying to the god moose father¬† ¬† justice¬† will return……¬† poor RON¬† must be devaestated

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