RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 14/10/2020


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      Picture if you will a small group of mates having fun sailing, sporting and competing on a bright sunny spring morning at a perfect venue. This was Puddleduck today.

      Not mentioned was the fickle nature of the Southerly breeze, the dead patches, the sudden tacks without rudder input and an occasional knock down gust for good measure. Yep ‘Duck Luck’ was a tough mistress today and no-one escaped her pleasure and pain.

      Kermit #82 brought lots of his little mates along and they all wanted to croak at once! Their loud conversation must have offended our Kermit as he escaped to the other side of the pond soon after and took some great photographs of the racing instead.

      Mike #64 took a rest from Media today to do some serious racing. He sailed well and had a lot of pace, witnessed by his second place finishes in races six and seven.

      Ricky #92 was tenacious and consistent early with four podium finishes in the first four races. At the end of the session finishing on equal points with the unflappable one, Ricky’s fifth overall came as a result of one less drop point.

      Our Don #99 was a consistent finisher with no less than four fourth places to his credit. His outright victory in race eight was a well deserved crowning moment. Don’s one point extra drop gave him fourth overall today.

      Graeme #52 had his RG tuned well for the conditions. When the wind freshened mid-morning she became a weapon. His victory in race nine was his best with an overall finish of sixth for the day.

      Phil T #32 had a mixed day with lots of mid fleet finishes. We all struggled with the breeze however the smiling assassin seemed to find more lulls than most of us. A pair of podiums in races four and five was his best results from today.

      After a near miss with the fountain prior to racing and then a victory in race one, the Admiral #23 went on to miss two buoys in a row, (the same one!), find raft-ups, do a penalty (or two) and generally get some pretty ordinary results. Coming good with podiums in the last four races however salvaged some dignity giving him third overall for the day.

      Ron C#164 was the big improver today with two each of firsts, seconds and thirds. A fast learner, it’s hard to believe our Ron hasn’t been sailing RC for longer than a month or two. A terrific day of sailing saw Ron in a well deserved second place overall for the day.

      After an absence it was great to see our hardened sailor Trouty #11 back on the water and competitive again today. From ten races sailed, Trouty claimed five outright victories, four of those in a row. It is no wonder then that Trouty is our well deserved champion this week. Congratulations mate well done. The handicapper has been notified!

      After ten races with two drops the points were:

      Mike on 46, Kermit on 40,Phil T on 40 (Countback), Graeme on 35, Ricky on 33, Don on 32, Col on 28, Ron C on 21 and our winner today Trouty on just 12 points!

      Special thanks to Sue for scoring, John for being her observer, Ross for time keeping and Kermit for media and frog translations.

      Words by the Admiral fun by everyone, thank you all for making it a great day out @ da Duck again.


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      Another fine day of racing in great company.


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      Here is a short clip from my hat cam of Predator’s encounter with the ducks which will now be called the “duck split manoeuvre”!

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        You got it Ron! Well done, the duck split manoeuvre it is!!

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        Good vids Kermit!

        The Banjo frogs were a bit busy though. 🙄

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