RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 15/09/2020


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      Today we had it all, from champagne sailing right up to knock down gusts. Spectacular jibes, duck dives up to the keel and broaches for everyone.

      It really didn’t matter if you set an A, A+ or RG B rig today, what you lost in the lulls you got back in the gusts and vice versa. Twice an opportunity for rig change was called with surprisingly only one skipper taking the opportunity.

      Graham #52 changed down to a very tough looking B rig on his RG65 and thereafter just flew in the gusts. With four firsts being in races three, six, seven and ten it looked likely he was a shoe in for top dog today. The competition at the pointy end however was balanced on a knife edge with some spectacular close finishes deciding the eventual winner.

      Unfortunately #61 Justin’s fun was cut short in race seven as electrical problems caused by steady water ingress caused him to sit the remaining four races out.

      Our Don #99 had a pretty ordinary day by his standards. For the unflappable one, disregarding his own ‘no fiddling’ rule was just the ticket as by race eleven he finally got his mojo back and was wearing a smile that just wouldn’t quit.

      “Nuthin but trouble” Ricky #92 started the day with a blinder claiming outright victory in race one. Ricky followed that up with a second in the next, a lapse of three races then a string of thirds, claiming victory in the final race of the day.

      Trouty #11 unfortunately suffered gear failure early on in the program. A known weak link in the Dragon Force standard setup is the small clip holding the sheet end together. After a particularly strong gust in race one it opened up and let both sails go, requiring an immediate rescue and repair.

      Kermit #82 was officially back in his happy place today as last finisher. Whilst race committee noted he appeared to be using a transmitter while #82 was still in its cradle, his explanation of practicing ‘virtual’ sailing seemed plausible and so the matter was dropped.

      Similarly, old mate Dave #48 at some point switched to mind control transmitter-less sailing . A trick he picked up and has been practicing with his iron lung. Sure enough #48 seemed to be sailing better than ever without visible input!

      After being blown over by the many frequent gusts while filming races four through seven, Mike #96 was happy to retire, relax and spectate for the remainder. Thanks for your Media magic again this week mate.

      New guy Ron C #164 was all smiles today and with very good reason. Race nine saw him win his first RC Yacht race ever. A spectacular achievement considering he has only just started RC sailing in this last month and being entirely new to the sport. Congratulations!

      Phil #32 aka ‘The Smiling Assassin’ was in great form today with some consistent results. Four thirds, three seconds and a victory in race five would have been enough to be top dog today but it wasn’t to be. Despite his great form he was pipped at the post on countback by the Admiral who was also a having a good day @ da Duck.

      Col #23 aka ‘The Admiral’ scored two outright victories in his run home to be winner for the day. Frustratingly missing a third after leading in race one, half a lap ahead of the fleet and getting totally slammed by a heavy gust with barely a metre to the finish line. After some agonisingly long time he finally regained control only to see Ricky sail right past and over the line ahead!

      Despite this and missing a few buoys too (white cane award nominee) the Admiral came home winner for the day.

      After eleven races including two drops the final points were.

      Kermit with 93 points, Mike with 71, Justin with 66, Trouty with 58, Don with 51, Ron C with 44, Dave with 43, Ricky with 32, Graeme with 27, Phil on 23 (countback) and our winner today Col on 23.

      Special thanks to our scorer Sue, observer John S, timekeeper Neil and our two media men Mike and Kermit. Great job everyone.

      A warm welcome to John S who came along and volunteered as our scorer’s observer today.  John is an experienced sailor and will be purchasing a boat shortly to join in the fun and sail with us regularly.

      Thank you all for coming out and being a part of another successful and amazing day @ da Duck.

      A few more photos from today are available here

      Some video of 3 races from 11 today.

      Race 4


      Race 5


      Race 7


      Next week we let the 95 greyhounds out to play, See you there!

      Words by the Admiral.

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      A character building day,but great fun💨💨

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        Lots of action in there Kermit!!! Music was a hoot too. Goodonyamate!

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