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      Puddleduck’s climate once again bore little resemblance to nearby Hobart today.

      Whilst that city endured a miserable drizzly day, Puddleduck turned on a (mostly) rain free day, even had sunshine for a while.

      The apparent rain kept a number of our regular skippers away however the hardy six who did make it had to seek shelter only once and then only briefly. Being such a pleasant place to sail from though we stayed on the verandah and sailed in comfort for the rest of the races.

      Great to welcome back our Graeme #52 and Sue from their European holiday looking tanned, fit and healthy. Sue kept score for us today whilst Graham, despite his extended absence from sailing, found form quickly and had some monumental races against Don #99, claiming second for the day.

      Ron #71 got into the water early sporting his bright Purple sails and quickly found new unexplored territories.  The fountain was a lot easier to see today as it was back into full operation. No danger there.

      Darcey #48 returned with his now ‘text book’ rig setup however this time he forgot to turn the boat power ‘on’ prior to launching. Unfortunately Darcey had to leave us early on prior business after 2 x seconds and a 4th.

      After his spectacular rise to form last week on the DF95’s, Justin #61 struggled at times with the lighter conditions. With a little helpful advice from Phil though he was back on track and doing well winning the last race of the day.

      Despite a slow start to the program Don #99 had podium positions all the way through and was sailing well. Arriving at the last race with just one point separating them, Don and Graeme took it to the wire with a tough shoot out right to the finish. Match of the day.

      Col had ‘Duck Luck’ on a wire today and never seemed troubled by the shifty, light conditions. A perfect Icarex day if ever there was one.

      After nine races with two drops, the results were:

      Ron on 36 points, Darcey on 29, Justin on 27, Don on 18, Graeme on 17 and Col on 8 points.

      Thanks everyone for making the day a lot of fun as usual. I look forward to next week when we let loose the DF95 greyhounds once more.


      Special thanks to Sue for scoring and Phil for observing and advising when required. It was great to have you both on board.

      Words by ‘The Admiral’, pics by Phil and fun by everyone who came.

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      I was on 21 lol every time I got going the wind stopped ha ha 😂

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      Sounds like another fine Duck day was had by all, the rest of us, except poor Kermit who is unwell with a croak in his lungs, were flying at The Field as today looked like the only decent day till early next week.


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      FROM MY DEATH BED I RISE to heap praise on the sailors of the pond  the water looks great an the fountain once again the centre point  in full bloom  a word of caution to the Admiral    UNCLE G   has had enough your time at the top has expired  the boy from the bush is back to reclaim his rightful place  you can either not turn up to the pond or  just be embarrassed on the water your choice  “so I   heard him say”  Game words coming from our UNCLE G    but personally i beleave the boy is fired up enough to do it     A quick massage from Ricky before the start  an the water will boil  don and Grahame still at it  I see  one of you can be second after UNCLE  G   I  see my best mate bulldog  was in action  keeping my space  warm  well done cobber that’s what mates are for  you kept that Darcy fella under control its hard to do cos hes one you have to keep an eye on  as for the rest keep trying  if you want it bad enough wait for me to be the scorer ……. wink wink


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        Bring it on frog boy, Uncle and I are old sparring partners – no change. Hope you are well enough to come along and witness the contest!!

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