RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 15/11/2020


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      Some days are diamonds and some days are stone, and some days you might wish you’d stayed at home! (signed the Admiral)

      An incredibly difficult day for most competitors due to the ever changing wind directions and strengths.

      Racing began under clear skies and a warm Northerly 10-15 knots but quickly deteriorated into overcast and a sometimes gusty, fickle breeze flicking between NW and SW. Despite these challenging conditions, thirteen skippers came along for the last official races @ da duck for 2020.

      Dave #13 was back with us today enjoying his sailing as much as ever. In the meantime finding a few good friends, especially buoy #2 and the far bank. Enjoying da duck again after a fair absence was Uncle G #02, this time bringing his GoPro 9 strapped onto the stern on the yellow terror. Look out for some great footage from him below.

      Another of our wonderful media men Kermit #82 was out and about with camera in hand for five of our ten races. Kermit rose to occasion to rescue Dave’s flying custard from the sticky embrace of old #2.  A big cheer from the lads as he crossed the finish line in the punt seemed fitting.

      The Admirals #72 recent get up and go, got up and left today, the less said about that the better. Hrrumph!!

      John M #168 after a slow start got into a better groove and was starting to finish mid-fleet by race seven. Still finding his way into RC yachting he is making great progress.

      Jammy #21 joined the merry men today and despite carrying the maximum handicap in the fluky conditions today saw him place a very creditable sixth in half of the races sailed.

      Another skipper carrying a big handicap, Phil T #261 had no less of a struggle in the testing conditions, however the smiling assassins fortunes improved markedly in race eight when from last position he overtook the entire fleet to place second behind Pete’s #827 Plain Jane. Despite a heavy handicap our Pete took out four first places in the ten race program today. No mean feat in those sometimes baffling conditions.

      John S #74 is starting to make real inroads with his racing too. Sailing consistently today earned Shorty a well deserved fifth place overall against some pretty tough opposition.

      Not far behind was Bloody Geoff #79. With no less than three podium place finishes our Geoff took out sixth overall today.

      Another hitting fine form today was Peter S #135. Peters five podium finishes, which included two first places, earns him a well deserved third overall.

      Also sailing well today was the most unflappable Don #99.  Challenging the pointy end at every turn he earned a well deserved runners up final position by stumps.

      Without doubt the skipper who mastered the poor conditions the best was our Justin #61. With no less than nine podiums that included a single first place, the Saint was simply in dominating form. Congratulations Justin you are our overall winner today.

      After ten races with two drops the final points were:

      Dave on 82 points, Col on 66, John M on 65,  Kermit on 55, Gerald on 49, Jammy on 49, Pete on 41, Phil T on 40, Geoff on 37,  John S on 35. Peter S on 28, Don on 24 and our winner today Justin on just 17 points.

      Special thanks to our two media men Kermit and Gerald for capturing the days action. For a terrific job of scoring and keeping the rabble in line today a big thank you also to Ricky.

      Fun by all who came, words by the Admiral.

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      Can I say how much I enjoyed the sailing at Puddleduck today, the event is organised in a professional manner.  I would also comment on how much the standard of sailing has improved over the past 12 months.  The coffee and company at the end of the day is an additional bonus!


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      A thank you to wicky for the use of his spare camera  today  got a problem with the boats an its this  when the race is finished  for the leaders  please stop going through the start line when others are still finishing  its a pain to try to cut video when you don’t know who’s gone through an where others are  sooo could ya just stay away totally from the start  /end line… use an imaginary line from buoy  /girl 2 to the start/ end buoys girls  an play in there till all are in  or else the frogs an ducks will unite and come out an jump all over ya  ta heaps

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      On Board

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      WELL THAT WAS exciting  i was tilting with the boat AN JIVING WITH THE MOOOOSIC

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      Next one!

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      Hey Kermit

      The Moose asks is there much skill required to edit a movie

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        wellll Mr Moose quick answer Nope…. ifin you have a good camera   mine however has a refocus pause sometimes a sec sometime s longer so it takes longer to remove that section of video an there is a lot of focusing being done in a video  moving a few degrees is enough Rickys camera had virtually no blur so editing was a breeze  ………happy now  BUTTTT  I’m not all that happy with the quality of the final video  its not sharp enough  his camera is quite old  and technology has advanced I expect that to be the cause of the  lack of sharpness

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      And another.

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      Last one, A quickie

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