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      Not a writeup today as I’ve announced my stepping away from the management and responsibility of running Puddleduck Racing herewith.

      I will remain actively involved for the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta this coming March 7th, however after that I will return to being an casual racer when time permits.
      Ongoing responsibility for looking after the day to day running, scores and the website will now fall to others just as, or more capable than I.
      Graeme and Sue will respectively be PRO and scorer for the Peter Smith Memorial Regatta.

      Weed is still in large numbers and will need to be cleared before racing commences for the Peter Smith Memorial races.
      A weed clearing working B is planned for Tuesday 2nd March prior to normal racing.
      start time 8.30am. Please join in and help us make our favourite sailing venue good once again.
      Thank you everyone for your good wishes and support over the last three years, especially your friendship and good humour.


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      Thanks Col for all your work and dedication to getting Puddleduck sailing to where it is now.
      Just getting back to sailing without all the baggage will certainly make life easier for you and I should know.

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      Thank you so much for your efforts in getting the racing scene going at the Duck. We now enjoy some really fine racing.

      I have always looked forward to the racing reports, results sheets and the photos/videos as great summary of the day’s fun.

      Your generosity and assistance is very much appreciated.

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      ALL HAIL THE ADMIRAL  SOOOOO OUR ADMIRAL IS semi RETIREING  on behalf of the mob that have no fingers to post remarks  may I say on behalf of them our gratitude for our OWN  sailing You single handed  created this brilliant venue  we will continue  to develop and look after what you have so earnestly  built  that I’m sure  With our loss someone gains  so who will be the the NEW CC  THE NEW ADMIRAL      As a retired admiral COLE   feel free to sit where ever you want on the grass even at the deck  no one will complain its the least we can do for you   As you are the first to retire  an not sacked  a painted parking spot will be marked out for you  unfortunately it will be on the main road  but its the thought that counts  ay   THANKS COBBER FOR  THREE YEARS  OF LEADERSHIP  AN JUST BEING A GOOD FELLA  so say us all

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        What can I say to that?
        Thank you Kermit, you are a super guy who has been there from the start. Practically part of the furniture!
        Carry on Sir Kermit good job.

        Admiral Blackheart (retired)

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      one more ibiti bit one coming

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      Well done Col,time to sit back and enjoy  just sailing.Thanks for getting me off the couch

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        Very touching, thank you Kermit.

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      What a shock.  I have only just read.


      You have started something here that is the envy of other venues.  Sorry I cannot be there more often which should be resolved in the not too distant future.

      Stuart H.

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      Well Stuart  the ADMIRAL  is still going to sail but not as the  ” official ”  leader if that’s what you want to call it  after 3 years of solid work on our sailing  pond  it was time “as he has said ” to get a rest ease up  just sail  so that’s what he’s gunna do   we shall carry on as we were  before and still retain our relaxed attitude to the rules  because we sail for fun were else can you get an atmosphere of fun laughter stirring others may say that but ….really … so that’s it cobber  JUST a slight wave  in the pond

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        Kermit has nailed it there Stuart. Nothing more to add.

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      Thanks Colin for your great leadership and especially for encouraging and advising me when new radio sailing. Cheers.

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        Thanks Shorty, very happy you have picked it up and are doing so well.

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      ANY ONE still looking at this forum should realise the admiral black heart  will no longer send the beloved texts to the next days sailing so that part of the pond will now go to the calendar its up to you to see what’s happening  through this portal  any one that has a desire to post   feel free to do so….. just sayin

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