RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 16/06/2020


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      With severe gale force winds and possible rain in the offing it was looking like only madmen and Admirals would chose to venture out this morning.

      Nervous nellie messages were flowing into my phone by the time I arrived and stood on the bank, who da thunk it? Da Duck looked amazingly sailable despite jumping from calm to frightening occasionally.

      Only four races managed to be completed but they sure were action packed. A mix of rigs were offered and in race one where the breeze was light to moderate the A+ and A’s did well.

      Believing that sailing was probably not going to happen today, our Don #99 suffered a senior moment by leaving his hatch cover at home with his other DF65 spares. The unflappable one looked unfazed though and promptly volunteered his outstanding service as PRO and scorer.

      Ricky #92 (A Rig) was back with us once more sporting a brand new hull and some repurposed rigging from his previous boat. From a slow start he flew out of the blocks in race two, winning it by a country mile. Things went pear shaped shortly after however as his new boat tried to drag the boom through the mainsheet fairlead. As expected that ended in tears when the vang broke right at the yoke, putting him out of the race. Ricky came prepared with a second rigged boat on standby, however A+ rigs had quickly fallen out of favour by then.

      Back on the water this week after suffering rudder servo problems last time out, our Gerald #02 (A Rig) started well in the first race’s mild conditions before switching to a B Rig for race two. With the conditions rapidly building up there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to tune it and so Uncle G slipped back through the field finally choosing to retire and give some stick to the Admiral instead for the last race.

      Bloody Geoff #80 aka Mr Whitecane (A Rig) was in top form again completing a full set of fountin’ mountin’, buoy blindness and raftup roguery today.  Despite this he managed the difficult conditions well with some fine finishes in the last two races claiming second place overall for the day.

      Phil #32 (B Rig) found all the calm spots on the pond this morning, no mean feat considering at times you couldn’t keep a dog on a chain.Always the gentleman competitor our Phil sailed a fine day and was in there right to the end.

      Our much beloved mascot Kermit #82 (A+ Rig) showed some real strut today turning up as he did with just one sail. He tried hard to hide his winning form behind some deliberately spectacular jibes and wild buoy overruns but he celebrates tonight by claiming back his own special place for the days racing.

      Graeme #52 (A Rig) sailed well today leaving the less stable, over canvassed 65’s in his wake. Pleasing too is the new design Graeme built did seem quite stable downwind, pointing well upwind also much better than its cousin DF’s. If Graeme had continued without  his last race retirement its likely he would have taken out the days honours.

      Last man standing, Admiral Black Heart #23 (B Rig) started slow in the first races’ light conditions, thereafter his chosen B Rig then came into its own. Surfing downwind, tacking like a charm and laughing in the face of gusts with great abandon the Admiral finished with a second in race three and victory in race four to take home the chocolates.

      After four races with no drops the final scores were:

      Kermit on 25 points, Ricky on 22, Phil on 17, Gerald on 17 (countback), Graeme on 14, Geoff on 13 and the Admiral on 11 points.

      Congratulations everyone for some exciting racing, close finishes and great company.

      Thanks to Don for being our PRO and scorekeeper and Kermit for the photographs and great tips and training through his ‘Kermits House of Modesty and Deportment’ school. 😉

      Icing on the cake this week was the welcome refreshments made available to us post sailing by the fantastic Puddleduck Management. The usual collection of leg pulling by all while sipping hot drinks made life just feel so normal again.

      Thank you everyone for a great day out @ da Duck once again.

      Words by the Admiral, pics by Kermit, fun was unavoidable.

      More fantastic photos https://rctoystasmania.com/photo-albums/?lang=en&wppa-occur=1&wppa-cover=0&wppa-album=99

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      GENTLEMEN  OF THE POND  TODAY was a day of infamy because on this day I removed a brilliant sailor from a sure win not by design oh no  this was the result of 40 wild ducks in flight  obscuring my vision. As Phil an I were rounding the last buoy all set to pass the dreaded admiral the last duck in flight landed smack bang in front of me  now me being a devout duck lover I had no choice but to steer away from the duck which resulted in a bump and hook up with 32 leading to a grounding and a tinnie extraction of both boats thus giving the admiral his last win  that’s how it went today sorry Phil       SPECIAL THANK YOU MUST GO TO OUR GIRLS AT THE PUDDLE DUCK  SHOP GREAT TO SEE THEM AGAIN

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        I think I covered your dilemma in the writeup Kermit. Phil is far too much the gentleman to tell you you f*#ked up!!

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          if  avoiding a duck from possible serious damage  is  f*#ked up! then ok I can handle that but where would the ducks be if it wasn’t for the puddle duck pond an duck lovers like me  saving their quackers  JUST FOR THIS ACT ALONE I THINK I SHOULD GET AN EARL GRAY TEA FOR FREE

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            Hmmm isn’t your boat called ‘The Duck Hunter’? Doesn’t sound very cuddly to me!

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              dear admiral nothing sinister in the name duck hunter its just a term for rounding them up to keep track of em  so i can cuddle em

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      It seems that I missed an action packed day at the Duck. Was way too windy at my place to consider sailing, especially as my smallest sail is the standard A rig.

      The Duck appears to have its own microclimate.

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        Yes Pete, da Duck proved yet again it is it’s own ecosystem. It was wild in Lutana too but by the time I got to da Duck it was completely different. I think we have to factor this in to any prediction of what sailing will be Like @ da Duck whilst looking out your window.

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      A fun if not wild at times day

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        First boom I’ve seen broken in that place. I broke one once where the sheet turns through a plastic ring heading down to the hawse
        I note that there has been a design revision on the boom vang by Joysway because others have experienced the exact same thing as you. The new design is thicker and stronger than the old one.

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      yep Pete it was so cold that when I went for a wee wee ol Hercules was in his own microclimate

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        I,’ve ordered another.Don,t know if it,s different or not

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          I just checked back on old posts where I had seen a revision Ricky and they were discussing DF95 gooseneck upgrades not 65 ones 😕

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            This is what the new design vang for the 95 looks like.

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