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      Puddleduck Vineyard Pond once again turned out to be a happy hunting ground for Dragons.

      This time the venerable ‘95 was in full flight joined by 2 x DF65’s and a Mt Gay 30.

      Kermit was the first casualty and an early retirement due to electrical problems.  Sure was quiet without him on the course.

      The group was joined today by newly retired Phil Jackman who took the controls of Stuart’s #58 and sailed very well for a first time DF sailor.

      The brothers Rodgers were back today, both sporting new sails in their favourite AFL team colours. Paul #59 (Tigers – Yellow and Black) was just beaten out for sixth place on the day by Justin #61 (St Kilda – Red, White and Black)

      The two boats looked great and once the good settings were made they become very competitive. Look out for next Tuesday when they sail against boats their own size!

      Ricky #05 rolled up ready to rumble with his quick Mt Gay 30. The highly variable conditions unfortunately didn’t suit him this time around, but you can’t keep a good man – and a good boat – down for long!!

      Don #99 was quick today and forever threatening the top step. A string of very consistent finishes placed him in third overall. Don did not add to his all time high record for fountin’ mountin’ though and this may well have contributed to the unflappable one’s great result.

      Col #72 swapped paint and first place finishes with his nemesis Gerald #02, (aka the Yellow Peril). After some very tight, close finishes Col needed a Bex and a good lie down. So intense!

      In the final score calculation it was Gerald who came out on top with some masterful sailing, consistently good boat speed and fine decision making.

      After 8 races and two drops the results were:

      Paul (DF65) on 37 points, Justin (DF65) on 37, Ricky (Mt Gay 30) on 21, Phil (DF95) on 20, Don (DF95) on 17, Col (DF95) on 11 and our winner today Gerald (DF95) on just 8 points.

      We were lucky and thankful today to have our Stuart, (aka No Shit Stuart), taking on the role of PRO and doing his usual excellent job with it.

      No pics today, just great racing and good memories.

      Next week it’s the pocket rockets turn to part the waters. I’m looking forward to it already.

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      Great day by the sound of it, thanks for the report Col.

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      now you all know when i do a write up its truthful  and unbiased   as it is today   if my boat was going fair dinkem she would have whipped the lot of yas  but unfortunately she had too many issues  so was retired for the day  but this gave me the opportunity to observe  the motley crew crashing bumping and other devious actions  unobserved by the rest deep into their own thing  all I can say is thank the gods we don’t have official observers  this gentle men is true sailing  you want to win  then go for it  rules are good at times but in the heat of very good competition  going for it is far more fun  as was shown in UNCLE G and Long Tall’s  tussles …. it was a bit of a disappointment that no one wanted to park on the fountain  but this PHIL fella is  one to watch the fountain will get him soon enough…. Justin and Paul were fun to watch-with their toy boats… to bad about today’s sailing with Ricky”s Mountagay boat he was always there but when he came behind a few ……they just took off leaving the mountagay boat wondering “why”  Stuart was fantastic  as the pro brilliant work to be fair to the other pros Stuart  had a easy job  he could have just put down on the score sheet  UNCLE G    UNCLE G   UNCLE G   hard to beleave I taught (UNCLE G )everything about sailing isn’t it An we did miss Pete and Predator…….I watched Don he’s a sly one  he just slips past and no one notices until the race to the finish  an then he’s just  there   “how ”  sorry if I missed someone   so that’s it  damn good day

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        Another great day at the duck!

        ll I can say is thank you Kermit for passing on your great wisdom to me over the past few months, I couldn’t have won today without your help and moral support.

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      THINK nothing of it dear boy  always ready to help out another brilliant sailor

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        Oh stop it now, you are cracking me up!!

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