RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2022 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 16/8/2022


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      The ‘Duck was up to its old ‘wind/no wind’ tricks again this morning, however the new shortened course took some of the far mark guesswork away and eleven skippers (eventually) got to the line to make a start.

      New guy Phil (Fab) #17 missed not having his new A+ rig set up yet and so struggled with a standard A in the light conditions. Adding insult to injury poor Fab had rudder servo issues which sidelined him for three of the eight races sailed today.

      Sheep #37 came out of the blocks early in race two to take an outright victory. Unfortunately that was the last we saw of him at the pointy end as his ten second penalty and the fickle breeze put paid to further podium positions.

      Finishing every race, the Hobart Chinaman #81 was another to struggle with the light and variable conditions that tested everyone’s metal at some point in the morning.

      We are gonna have to get this Bloody Geoff #80 tested for DNA I reckon. Where are the missed marks and raftups gone these days? Whoever this imposter his he has to go because we want the old Geoff back… right now!

      Gadget #164 had a bit of a Kangaroo day. Despite sporting the light weather A+ rig his best was a third in race five. His recycled bits rain umbrella thing was a hit though and most appreciated several times when needed by our wonderful scorer Sue.

      After a bit of an ordinary start our Graeme RG65 #52 peaked with a second place in race five. It was great to have Graeme back sailing with the ‘Duckers upon his recent return to good health.

      Despite a series of missed marks, the Smiling Assassin #32 was (mostly) back in good form again. Showing good consistency, his three third places were only topped by victory in the penultimate race.

      The Admiral #23 was breaking in some new sails today. Despite several disparaging  comments overheard about their distinctive appearance (by ‘duckers who shall remain nameless 🙄) he managed to steer the new kit to a second in race two and an outright victory in race five, hrrumph!

      Our two local sailing wizards Trout #11 and Scrooge RG65 #08 were less visible on the podium today than usual. The very light conditions early on did not suit the RG however as it freshened, Jammy Dodger’s five podiums, included a win in the fifth, was still pretty decent. Despite his mantra of peaceful coexistence with race management, His Holyness would like special consideration in the future to meditate deeply upon the wonders of the universe between when Boats on the Water is called and the race countdown begins. Duly noted.

      Trout managed to find more than his fair share of calm holes today. His best results was a win in the first race and a second in race six.

      Matt G #49 put on a master class today and definitively put his stamp on the results with three firsts, two seconds and a rash of slightly lower places. These saw him easily take victory in the testing conditions that most of the fleet suffered from this morning. Congratulations Matt, you are our overall winner today.

      Special thanks to Gadget for coming early to help with buoy moving and for collating our scores. To Sue our stalwart scorer for the valuable effort you put in every fortnight and to everyone for coming along to join in the fun.

      The social day has been put on hold for now to be revisited later in the warmer months ahead.

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      Another fine report on what appears to have been another fun day @ the Duck.

      Thanks Col.

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      Quiet visible today on how much #80 Geoff has improved in a couple of month. Well done .Phil #17 get that A+rig on as soon as you can there far better boat with it , yell out if u need a hand .  Thanks Sue for ever so reliable scoring and a enjoyable morning .

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