RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 17/09/‘19


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      Despite the stronger conditions than forecast, everyone stuck to their A+ Rigs which proved perfect for about 85% of race time. With the field a couple short of our regular skippers the racing got underway on time and with a shortened course.

      It was decided early that a reduced course necessary to avoid the fountain feeder pipe which has over the last month slowly risen toward the surface. It is now at a depth that contact with our keels can happen easily and often when sailing our regular course. Attempts by management to refill the pipe with water and thus sink it have so far been unsuccessful. That being said, the new course today was Start – #2 – #3 – round both start buoys – #1 – #2 – #3 – round both start buoys again – #1 – #2 – #3 – then finish directly between the start buoys.

      Everyone commented that the new course was  refreshing and a nice change though I have reservations about its length suitability for DF95’s. Hopefully management will have sorted the feeder pipe issue by next Tuesday and a longer course will then be open to us.

      Paul #59 & Justin #61 suffered at different times from gear issues however our sailing legend Phil took time out from his PRO duties to lend a hand and impart some wise words to the lads. Helping out fellow group members is what we aim to be known for. Thank you Phil.

      Ron #71 aka ‘The Bank Manager’ started his day well but shortly thereafter got that sinking feeling as his brave little craft started taking on water – through the open bung hole! This time the captain didn’t go down with the ship and it made the shoreline safely for a good drain out.

      Kermit #82 was incognito today with an unmarked yellow sail. It was a deeply flawed move however as he was easy to spot and it failed to gain him the much coveted last place he so desperately wanted.

      Geoff #80 aka the ‘Milky Bar Kid’ sailed with determination and grit gaining many podium finishes throughout the day. A disaster discovered too late was his jib uphaul caught in one of his mainsail wire loops.  This effectively killed any speed he had downwind or broad reaching. He has been told!

      Mike #64 passed up his camera for the transmitter today and his concentration on only sailing showed great results. Two firsts a second and a third put him just off the podium places at fourth for the day.

      A points tie between Ricky #92 and Don #99 was symbolic of their closeness in almost every race. Heart stopping finishes were decided in millimetres between them for at least five of the 10 races today. Exciting stuff.

      With five firsts, two thirds and two fourths it was Col #23, aka The Admiral’s day today. A liberal serving of ‘Duck Luck’ de jour helped in the at times challenging conditions.  By all accounts it was a good day out all round.

      After 10 races with two drops the final scores were:

      Paul on 63 points, Justin on 58, Ron on 50, Kermit on 36, Geoff on 26, Mike on 25, Ricky on 22, Don on 22 (countback) and our winner today Col on 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone on a great day out, special thanks to Phil for his fantastic PRO and mentoring duties today, it was very much appreciated.

      Pics by no-one, words by Col and fun? – unavoidable!

      Next week we bring the greyhounds (DF95) out for another run around the pond, see you there!

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      Thanks for the fine & factual report “Admiral”, no doubt the Frog’s take on the day will also follow shortly although he may have been too engrossed in his own racing to take note of what the others were up to. Yes, definitely a great sailing day (albeit a bit chilly at times) and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

      Extra laps of the shorter course certainly made for some interesting & close quarters racing. Just a shame that several of the regulars were missing today.

      Also worth a note was that Ron seems to have finally rid his DF65 of all the gremlins of late. I believe he was on the water for all races today and apart from the mishap with the missing bung (not the first, nor the last to do that) no other issues were seen.



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      Sounds like a ripper day at the Duck – sorry I was unable to join in. Thank you for your report Col.  Now I am looking forward to the Frog’s view on what really happened!!

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        Thanks Pete, both you and Gerald were missed!

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      It was a good day shame my boat had a few problems they will be fixed by next race. It was awesome to get the tips that I did of Phil hope to put them to good use next time

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        He is a good man, we are lucky to have him in our group. 👍

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      THE BANK MANAGER  as the admiral describes  him but we all know him as mudflats  RON B  failed to keep up to his title today avoiding his favourite beaching / grounding  resting spots  for what reason I know not ( must be an age thing   )  an staying on the age theme whats with the admiral today  has he taken Viagra….. the boy was definitively not tip toeing through the buoys today  not so lucky were the two brothers Paul and Justin doing so well   until buggar time  or is it a ploy to get my place  not sure yet but watching  Ricky and Don whats with these two  I heard on numerous times “get a room you two  ” is Ricky going to give don one of his famous massages    (don’t need a room.)……. coffee time whack ol don on the table an watch as Ricky delivers his famous massages……… staying with Ricky  the young fella is leaving us for several weeks  Going over seas  to the Philippines to finish his coarse on touch massage therapist  diploma  that’s the reason you wont see him for awhile   ( I thought he was already qualified.)…. oh well   No pictures from Predator  serious sailing was the order for the day for him  should have stayed with the camera  only fourth   next week talk to the admiral about  itty bitty tablets    I don’t need anything like that because my own sailing today was unbelievable I had on one of mudflats sails gold in colour not yellow  gold and they were devastating fast soooo fast in fact I had to deliberately stuff up  to retain my beloved last placing   UNCLE G not there  Pete not there  DAVE not there and other top of the line sailors , did they know about the admirals little tablets  and didn’t want to be embarrassed…….   Cant think of any other reason   Next week random testing unless tablets handed out to every one  So as I heard a duck say today I shall quack off   …… ATTEMPTED HUMOUR …… i’m’ laughing  ohhh one last thing i did in fact have my camera on hand  and took these exclusive photos…….. eat ya heart out predator


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