RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 17/10/2020


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      Today was a trying day for all 10 skippers and as demonstrated, it was nothing to be taken from dead last into the lead and vice-versa. Periods of dead calm and sudden gusts certainly kept everyone on their toes and was the cause of a few collisions.

      We had two new boats in the water today. New Puddleducker John M #68 and Trouty #92. John has not long joined the group and is in a learning phase at the moment so it was fabulous to see fellow Puddleduckers offering him assistance pond side.

      Justin #61 just couldn’t get his mojo working today. Last weeks outstanding winner in the 65’s, the ‘Saint’s’ best this week was a third in race three, thereafter scoring for the group from race six onwards.

      Mike #96 had Abigail strutting her stuff today. At some point in race six though the lady chucked a wobbly and made a dash for freedom through the far banks’ vegetation. She didn’t get far though as the brave Admiral (who was just hanging around at that very moment), quickly launched a rescue mission to save the poor damsel in distress. Thankfully she was unharmed and all ended well.

      Kermit #82 just wasn’t himself today. In addition to a monster media output our favourite mascot also racked up a number of good finishes to end up seventh overall. Poor froggy!

      After a sluggish start Bloody Geoff #79 got his game on, finishing in first place in races five and six. His day didn’t go quite as planned though with a damaged rudder sidelining him for the last two races following a brutal collision.

      Phil T #261 found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time quite often today, sitting through whatever lulls he happen to find around the course. Despite this the smiling assassin still managed a second in race five and a third in race nine to put him in sixth overall.

      What an adventure the Admiral #72 had today. Not satisfied with missing three buoys in as many races he went all out in the next race and tangled the poor Royal yacht up on number three buoy as well! He then followed this up in the next race by ramming the viewing area when it would not give him right of way. Witnesses to the Admirals’ many woes unkindly offered to make optician appointments for him and/or offered their own personal glasses to improve his vision. A high point was the offer of a lifetime membership to the white cane society.

      John S (aka Shorty) #74 has been working on his game and today managed the contrary conditions well to score fourth overall. His best score was an outright victory in race seven.

      It was pretty hot up at the pointy end today and the bright orange charge of Peter S #135 was burning brighter than ever. With a magnificent three firsts, two seconds and two thirds you could’ve been forgiven for thinking that was good enough to take the chocolates, but no……..

      A refurbished hull, first time on the water and Trouty #92 just dominated the pointy end today. With three firsts, four seconds a third and a fourth he was unstoppable and fully deserved to be our winner today. Congratulations mate.

      PS: The handicapper, (kneecapper) has been advised!

      After nine races with two drops the final points were.

      Mike on 63, John M on 52 points, Justin on 52 (countback),  Kermit on 34, Phil T on 32, Geoff on 28, John S on 26, Col on 24, Peter S on 13 and our winner today Trouty on just eleven points.

      Congratulations everyone and thank you for coming along and making today another cracker @ da Duck.

      Special mention and big thanks go to our ‘step up’ scorer Justin and our two media men Kermit and Mike.

      Words by the Admiral, luck by the Duck.

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        Hilarious Kermit! 😂😂Please do more like these!

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        Good work mate! Thanks for that!

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      Simply awesome videos Mike. First class.
      Poor Abigail, the boys really had their way with the poor lass today!

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      THERE is something seriously wrong with the scoring  a fella flukes a place an suddenly he’s up with the big boys  now com’on   I  KERMIT LA FROG   wish to formally place a protest against the scorer an the system an demand I be put back to the proper position   THANK YOU

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