RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 17/12/2019

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      What a fitting finish to what has been a wonderful year @ da Duck.

      This was our last sail for 2019. The weather forecast got the Westerly to Southerly breezes between 5-10 knots and the clear sunny skies spot on much to the delight of the twelve skippers who came out to play.

      Great to see Dave W returning to the fold after months away having major surgery and physio.  However his boat didn’t take the absence well though, sidelining him almost immediately with a dodgy servo. Like the fabulous group they are, the Merry Men pitched in and loaned Dave boats so he had a good taste of what he has been missing.

      Great also to see Sue and Graeme Cooksey @ da Duck. Graeme wet his boat briefly but didn’t take part in any races as an prior engagement prevented them staying longer.

      A newest of the Merry Men Peter Sylvester #35 joined us for the first time today bring with him his brand new boat. In no time this veteran RC sailor had claimed two firsts and a handful of good finishes earning fourth overall for the day.

      Paul #44 was back with us today sailing brother Justin’s IOM. Paul did well with some good results and the boat looked magnificent on the water.

      Ben joined in with his new ’95. Without much time to set up before we started racing, he picked up on the quirky nature of these boats quickly and sailed well. Ive a feeling we can look forward to seeing him at the pointy end a lot more next year after he gets back from Antartica.

      Mike #96 brought Abigail to play with us today. Both Mike and Abigail had a great day out sailing together and that’s what matters most. While Mike was taking photos Dave W was entrusted with her care, lucky fella.

      Our beloved Kermit’s #82 sailing career is in crises. Despite trying so hard to hold onto his treasured last spot he just can’t help himself when the urge to win overtakes. Sadly this occurred with a first in race eight and a second in the following. Don’t be concerned though he was back to his old tricks again by BBQ time.

      Col #72 started ingloriously with an investigation of the far bank, got tangled up with Ronnie at four different times and managed to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory more than once. Forgeddaboutit!!

      Ronnie #63 though was in fine form today, not once visiting the ponds extremities, he ran great interference for the pack (from Black Heart) and stole Kermit’s last place by a mile. Not only that but he completed every single race on the day, a first in living memory. Congratulations Ron!

      Justin #61 had a day to forget with several problems forcing his early withdrawal from racing. Justin became the eyes and ears for our PRO today Ricky. A real blessing as it was close quarter racing with so many boats on the water and even closer finishes. Ricky did a fantastic job of keeping track of it all though and his efforts were very much appreciated.

      Geoff #79 started slowly before finding his feet in race nine claiming first place. The sometimes baffling conditions caused by the verandah’s wind shadow brought many fine sailors grief and Geoff was no exception.

      After some absence it was great to have Pete #27 back with us again making us laugh and keeping us honest. After a slow start he produced a string of podium places including three seconds, two thirds and two fourths giving him an aggregate score of third overall for the day.

      NS Stuart #58 was back to his best today posting a first, two seconds and two thirds giving him a well earned second overall. Not much worries our Stuart however the wildlife preservation society would like to talk to you soon mate.

      It is said you can’t keep a good man down and today it was impossible to keep Gerald #02 behind you. Mr Consistency proved yet again that you don’t have to win every race to be on top. A first, three seconds and the rest all better than sixth was enough to take the well deserved top skipper honours today. Congratulations Gerald!

      After eleven races with two drops the results were:

      Justin on 107 points, Ron on 100, Mike/Dave on 66, Ben on 63, Geoff on 49, Kermit on 39, Col on 39 (countback), Paul on 38, Peter S on 36, Pete on 33, Stuart on 33 (countback) and our winner today Gerald on just 32 points.

      Special mentions today for Ricky as our hardworking PRO, Justin as his very able observer, Tristan for his excellent photographs. Mike and Kermit also for their superb photographic contributions. Words by Col

      Thank you everyone for making it a fabulous day out, a very relaxed and comfortable end-of-year BBQ courtesy of our wonderful hosts @ Puddleduck Vineyards and a year of great sailing and friendship.

      Merry Christmas everyone.

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      Thanks Col, great report as always & another fine day @ The Duck to end the year.

      Merry Christmas everyone & a Happy New Year to those that I don’t catch up with before 2020.




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      It was a ripper day at the Duck, and the conditions gave everyone a chance. I hope we all have an enjoyable and safe festive season.

      Special thanks to the owners of the Duck, to Col for organising and reporting the racing, and Mike and Kermit (and others) for documenting the fun.

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      I knew my Patara  would be the top dog at years end  and deserved it was with contenders at his stern ( sometimes very very far behind ) he beat handy caps that would have made others remove themselves from the water  fantastic to see Dave back still  puffed a bit  but puffin is better than not ay an the new boy on the block Peter  “is this the boy to give my Patara a run”  ?  shame that Sue and Graeme had to leave they would have loved the days sailing wouldn’t be great if sue got a boat and was in there with us   (something to consider au girl   )  there is a real contender for my reserved spot  bull dog Barrett  he and I will have to sit down and have a serious chat  Ricky and his godson Tristan  did a superb job doing there thing today an  what the hell is big bad Ben doing ……. Antarctica  ” really ”   why not just sail around Bruny island  to get ya rocks off   quick question   is your wife going to …….the admiral wanted to know I think he said that    my day was perfect I beat predator several times that’s all I was after so don’t look into the results of the race to interpret anything else. Lastly thanks to the admiral for all his effort in getting us up and sailing at the pond  Congratulations sailors of the pond  you are without doubt the best  in the state Merry Christmas everyone & a Happy New Year KERMIT LA FROG

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      Pete summed it up perfectly!

      Special thanks to Col for his hard work all year and the great reports.

      Merry Christmas!


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      thanks for the vids predator  excellent

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      Excellent work from the master video maker. Thank you Pred!

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      Thanks to all who put in the hard work writing up and photo/videoing your races at the duck. Enjoy having a read each week of the days racing. Seasons greetings from WA or should I say the furnace, see the eastern states are now going to get the same. Hope you guys in Tas don’t get too much of it. Not sure but from the results over the last few months I have seen the green machine practicing finishing at the front end, maybe a new years resolution..

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      ARHHHHH TUGBOAT DEAR BOY weathers fantastic most if not all of the pond boaters wear short shorts down here (an some shouldn’t)  booootiful weather I cant remember a bad month in years  but we do need rain for us on tanks an the farmers ofcouse other than that excellent sailing the pond crew have excelled in their  sailing after lessons from my top gun Sailing school  ( branch from top gun Flight school ) as you may have noticed in the videos filmed by another student of mine… predator   (top gun Video school )  show the improvement from the sailing fraternity  of a 9 week course  I do this a s a free service  to those that need it  as for me being at the pointy end lately not my fault I asked ol pred for help a few times an that my friend was when it started so Tuesday was solely revenge day that done things will return to normal  although as new members come through they do like my spot until  my few quite words to them touch base  with that dear ol tuggy may you and your dingy’s enjoy the  festive time coming your way   Regards  Kermit la frog

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      Just like being there. Great continuity and story length. Congratulations Mike and thank you for all that you have done for the year.

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      Race 2, 3, 4 & 5 videos have now been added to post

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      And I’m sure we will do it all again in 2020, only better.

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