RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 18.06.’19

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      With a pretty ordinary weather forecast and cooler conditions, numbers were down a little today. For those who could have come but didn’t, you totally missed an awesome day @ the Duck.

      Steady NNW breezes of around 5-8 knots with the occasional gusts made for perfect sailing weather. We even had bursts of sunshine at times and it never really got that cold.

      New guy Richie brought along his Mount Gay 30 and had a ball. He quickly got the hang of the pond and even cheekily tested out the fountain’s defences. The fountain takes no prisoners as Richie discovered when his forward progress quickly evaporated. As luck would have it he managed to sail free before the rescue mission was launched. A warning this time.

      The brothers Rogers turned up too and though they didn’t bring a boat, it wasn’t long before Gerald and Col’s transmitters were in their hands and then it was ‘game on’ bro’ Vs bro’.

      After a couple of starts the boys got the hang of the bigger DF’s and the race finishes began to get close.

      Richie’s Mount Gay was the surprise of the day however.  This beautifully finished boat had an amazing turn of speed downwind, clearly dominating the 95’s in 5-8 knots of breeze. Upwind it was a slightly different story as the greyhounds hungrily made up for their lost ground.  It was a fun day and the right time to give the new lads a taste of the 65’s big brother. I could tell by the grins they both wore it won’t be long before they start challenging the fleet in both classes.

      Near the end of our session Pete turned up and joined us for coffee. Great to see he is recovering well. He tells me it won’t be long before Pink Bits is nipping at our heels once more. Watch this space.

      No pics today, having too much fun and forgot to snap a few.

      Next week the Pocket Rockets are doing battle once more and why would you want to miss that?



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      Sorry I couldn’t be there today but as explained on the calendar  I’m a sick widdle frog   out of curiosity  on the calendar it said the pond was going to have a south pole weather bridge come through  did it ?

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        Sometimes I’m left scratching my head trying to understand what you are on about Kermit. 🙄😏

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      Sounds like a great day (as usual) was had by all. Sorry I couldn’t be there but with IOM sailing tomorrow, flying Thursday, the canal on Saturday & IOM’s again on Sunday, I need to spend some time at home catching up with things. That said I should be there next Tuesday for the DF65’s & perhaps I better bring the Mt Gay along as well, sounds like a bit of match racing in the wind.

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        Richie has been alerted to your Gay one and he promised to bring his next week too Pred.

        Match racing indeed!

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      GEEPERS PRED OL COBBER  about time you put a real name on the gay liberation boat  this is a family site  people don’t want to read a story like    mount gay was behind the leader but with a spurt bumped his riveral   and pushed  him aside with a cracked stern   limping helpless  to the ravages of  the multi coloured  Mt gays  descending on him    that’s how some writer could write a story   so much nicer to write miss piggy was behind the leader and trotted up to her riveral  bumped him and    grappled him  freed herself and moved on  now isn’t that nicer    just a thought cobber

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      lond tall       ref calendar  for explanation

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