RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2020 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 18/08/2020


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      As advertised the breeze (mostly) held steady from the North/North West at 5-8 knots with the odd dead spot wind shadow nearest the three trees.

      Eleven happy skippers plus Neil, a friend of Ron’s who came along for a look and got drafted into the scorers job instead, all joined in the fun and made a great day of it @ da Duck today.

      Speaking of Ron C #164, he committed this week and bought Mikes second boat. We welcome Ron to the Merry Men and look forward to seeing more of him as he gets a handle on his new charge.

      Kermit #82 didn’t achieve his stated goals this week being nudged out by Ron C (above) however we sure do appreciate his efforts in  giving us a fine photographic record of the days racing.

      Mike #64 is another who gives us fantastic photographs each week to illustrate and preserve the fun we have on our special Tuesday’s. Not just a photographer though, Mikes outright victory in race six shows his sailing skills are just as sharp as his camera work.

      Graeme #52 (RG65) started well with a second place in race two. His reward of a five second penalty and the RG’s dislike of the light conditions meant he wasn’t able to enjoy a repeat podium for the remainder of the morning.


      Our Don #99, despite a stated non-fiddling commitment didn’t improve on his podiums in races four and five, setting the unflappable one back into eighth place overall today.

      Usually a strong performer, our Phil #32 sailed the whole morning without getting a time penalty. That is not a good thing. The red demon took a day off with a string of mid fleet finishes and sixth overall for the day. He’ll be back.

      Ricky #92 was another good sailor out of luck. His podium finishes in races five and seven weren’t enough to lift his final tally higher than fifth for the day.

      A second in race four and outright victory in race five announced our Gerald #02 was back and ready for business. These excellent results were unfortunately dragged down by too many mid-fleet finishes to raise our club champion higher than fourth overall for the day.

      Without claiming an outright victory today, Bloody Geoff #80 strung together an impressive chain of podiums to claim third overall for the day. Back to some of his ‘white cane’ tricks though we did a quick whip around to send him to specsavers ASAP.

      The Admiral #23 got to punting around the royal pond at the pointy end a few times today with two victories a second and a third to his tally. All was going swimmingly until the Trouty showed up where, much to his displeasure he got dumped to second place for the day.

      We all want to know what Trouty #11 did to the Blue Torpedo today as it was unstoppable. With three stunning victories and a second in his bag it was great to see Trouty finally show his true colours and what an excellent sailor he really is. Fessing up over coffees he admitted to a complete tear down and rebuild of the troubled boat. Not a moment too soon either we think. Congratulations on a magnificent turn around of fortunes and a convincing victory Trouty, you are our overall champion today!

      After seven races and one drop, the final scores were:

      Ron C on 58 points, Kermit on 51, Graeme on 37, Don on 36, Mike on 32, Phil T on 30, Ricky on 29, Gerald on 22, Geoff on 21, Admiral on 17 and our champion today Trouty on just 15 points.

      Congratulations everyone on yet another crackin’ day out @ da Duck.

      Many thanks to Neil who did an outstanding job as scorer, Kermit and Mike for their significant contributions to capturing the days action and for everyone who came out for a fun sail today.

      Words by the Admiral, fun by everyone who came. Next week it’s the greyhound DF95s time to race again, see you there!


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      Thank you videographers!

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