RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2018 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 18.12.2018

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      With the weather looking dodgy and many of our fellows away doing Christmas type things, the last sailing day for DF’s @ the Duck looked like it may have been a quiet affair.

      Not so!

      With the weather fining up and eight boats on the starting line it was going to be as much fun as ever.

      Dave C (#80) has recently acquired a good second hand 95’ and is currently in the learning stage of what button does what and so today was another chapter of that process for him.

      Mike (#96) showed good form early and was involved in some tight tussles for podium places. He also did an excellent job as co-PRO, start sequence operator and photographer for today as well, (not too shabby on the Barbie either!).

      Unfortunately our regular champion Pete (#27) had important business to attend to early on so he didn’t take part until race five.

      Instantly he scored a first, two seconds, a fourth and a fifth but the weight of four DNS scores was just too much to overcome.

      It was good to see Tony (#32)back among the Merry Men and stirring the pot as usual. He too showed good form and consistency early on, however a drop in placings in races 6, 7 and 9 cost him a final podium.

      Geoff (#74) sailed a good consistent series of races. Regularly on the podium, never scoring less than a fifth, earning him a well deserved fourth overall result for the day.

      Kermit (#82) has been this series improver. His early good form slowed in the middle races and although he scored a win in race seven, wasn’t able to better his third place overall for the day.

      Col’s (#72) day started badly with winch slippage problems before the first race got underway. Later as race 5 was about to get started, the same winch failed altogether. Following a mad scramble to fit a replacement whilst that race ran, saw him back in the water for the following. Despite these setbacks Col was able to score two firsts a second and a handful of minor placings to manage somehow to be second on the day.

      David Jones (#21), our newest member and long time veteran of RBRYC racing, joined us today and showed us all what a well tuned boat can do in the hands of a skilled operator.

      David took five firsts, two seconds, a third and a fifth to be our overall champion for the day.

      After 9 races with two drops the results were:

      Dave C on 49 points, Mike on 31, Tony on 26 (no first place), Pete on 26 (one first place), Geoff on 25 (no first place), Kermit on 25 (one first place), Col on 23 and our winner today David on 9 points.

      Congratulations everyone on a great day out @ the Duck and thank you for your company and good will throughout the 2018 Puddleduck season.

      I wish you and your families a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and look forward to sharing another great year ahead in 2019 for DF’s @ the Duck.



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      Thanks Colin for another fine report and big thanks to everyone who regularly turns up and races @ Puddleduck with their 65’s or 95’s.

      If next year I can get 95 “Abigail” performing anywhere near as well as 65 “Illusion” I will be very happy. If not, well Ill just continue to be an also ran in the 95 stakes and still thoroughly enjoy the days & the company.

      All the best to everyone for the soon to be upon us Christmas & New Year.

      PS. The website should be reverting back to RCToysTasmania.com in the next 24 hours so if you can’t find dftasmania.com in the morning you now know where to look.

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      Thanks Pred, a nice collection of pics to round out the story …… what a team!!

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      Thanks Mike and Col for the superb reports on sailing at the “Duck”and the website upgrade the enables a computer near illiterate to read and even make an occasional post.  Also thank you to all the RC sailors at both the Duck and the Canal for making sailing and racing fun again.

      I wish you all a merry and safe Christmas break and look forward to more good times in the new year.

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      Thanks Pete, and likewise to you and your family

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      Thank you Pete, it’s been a shared effort and one that has thankfully been supported by the great bunch who share our passion for the humble DF’s.

      Roll on 2019 and lots more close competitive sailing at the best fresh water venue in Southern Tasmania. Also the Southern Round of the RG/DF65 Summer Series ‘Peter Smith Memorial’ slated for March 9th and 10th will be the first major competition to be held at Puddleduck.

      Put this date in your diary!

      Hoping we can all pull together to make this event a success for our group and also for the wonderful people at Puddleduck who support us weekly.

      I could go on, but for now I just wish everyone a happy festive season and a joyous return to sailing in 2019. Hope you get lots of great boat bits in your stockings!


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