RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2021 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 19-10-2021

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      Report & Scores by John (Shorty) Short

      Easterly conditions today made for tricky sailing at ‘The Duck’ with huge wind-shifts. It was not uncommon to find that you were sailing close hauled while a competitor heading in the same direction less than a meter away was running and sometimes your boat tacked seamlessly from one tack to the other without even moving the helm. Despite this there was, as usual, racing that was both close and fun.

      Stuart again offered to take on PRO duties and his attentive work  made for good, fair sailing.

      It was good to see Ron back at ‘The Duck’ on DF95 day.  Ron brought a couple of guest sailors – his daughter Sara, a paramedic from Bundaburg and her friend. It is always great to welcome new sailors to the sport and Puddleduck is a great place to get a taste for it.

      The fountain was a bit of a boat magnet today. Ron did his fair share of rowing while attending to stranded boats.

      Jammy Jones was today’s hands down winner. Jammy managed to gain podium finishes even in his last races with a handicap of 55 sec.

      Phil Jackman and Geoff Matthews took second and third places respectively both with very consist results throughout the day.

      The new coffee machine at the café was another winner today.



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      Thanks for the scoresheet Shorty and thanks to Predator for the upload. The PRO Stuart picked a great course for the challenging conditions and did a magnificent job at keeping an eye on the start line and calling out the contacts.  Thanks Stuart.

      Here is some hat cam footage of race 7 and race 8 which contains the second fountain incident and boat rescue.


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