RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 19/11/2019

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      It was a most welcome return to great Spring sailing @ da Duck today.

      Light to gentle NW/W breeze with an occasionally stronger puff greeting the nine skippers who started the first race under sunshine and clear skies.

      As is often the case there is a bit of controversy again with the interim scores announced @ the Duck.

      After checking the Video Evidence of Race 9 it was determined that the scores were incorrectly recorded. This has now been rectified and the Score Sheet below should now be correct weight (however some placings have changed because of it)


      Today we extended a warm welcome to Ben Tucker who brought along his new 65′. An experienced big boat sailor, Ben quickly got a handle on controlling an RC craft, improving his times with each race sailed. We hope to see a lot more of Ben in the near future.

      Phil #02 came today and was promptly handed Gerald’s boat with which he sailed most effectively for all 10 races. A big shout out here to Gerald for his sportsmanship and generosity and another for volunteering to be our Race Officer and time keeper as well. Thanks Gerald.

      Another new face at the pond was Peter Sylvester who popped in for a look and chat. Peter is known to many of us, lives quite close to Puddleduck and has expressed a desire to join in the fun when we sail 95’s next. Welcome aboard Peter.

      Our Ricky #82 turned up without a boat and was quickly handed Kermit’s mean green machine. He couldn’t stay long however he managed to dash Kermits chances of being last boat by a good margin with some fine sailing.  Kermit on the other hand devoted a good chunk of his time to capturing today’s action for us all to enjoy. Thanks Kermit.

      Paul #65 put in a good days sailing today as he gets acquainted with his brand new 95′ hull and sails.

      Brother Justin #61 likewise put in a solid day with four thirds and a second. A great result that earned him fourth overall for the day, this despite his doing a little fountin’ mountin’ in race six.

      Don #99 got in some serious circle work today due to an intermittent faulty rudder connection. The Unflappable One soldiered on regardless, claiming three consecutive second place results for races five, six and seven.

      Mike #96 had a bit of a kangaroo day. Abigail charmed her way to two first places in races five and ten however she got pretty casual with others which dragged her overall score down.

      Geoff #79 looked dangerous as he opened his account with some fine sailing claiming a second and two thirds. He was able to repeat this in races seven, eight and ten claiming an excellent third overall for the day.

      Bit of a mixed day for NS Stuart #58 with two firsts, two seconds and a third. Stuart’s movements through the fleet provided him with some pretty interesting moments at the buoys. This brought his net score up to 22 points, identical to Col’s.

      Col #72 came out of the blocks flying today with two first places right off the bat. Black sails rooled (sic) with two more firsts in races seven and nine. This combined with some  other pretty ordinary results and a blown rudder servo in the last race miraculously didn’t harm his chances of being overall winner of the day.

      After 10 races with two discards the results were.

      Paul on 59 points, Kermit/Ricky on 40, Don on 35, Mike on 33, Phil on 32, Justin on 31, Geoff on 28, Stuart on 22 and our winner today Col on 22 (countback).

      Thank you everyone for coming along and making today another cracking one @ da Duck. There was lots of laughter and ribbing all day and am happy to say absolutely no-one was spared.

      Next week it’s pocket rockets (DF65’s) @ da Duck so I look forward to seeing you all again then.

      More pics from today are available here

      Videos courtesy of our very own Kermit (the little Green Frog)

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      It was a good day after the crap weather we have had was pretty happy just to be sailing today even though I visited the fountain lol

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        Great to have you with us today. You improve with every race day, keep it up!

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      TODAY we were in the presence of a real live sea god  big bad Ben as the Admiral stated this big buggar is gunna be a  possible second UNCLE G   if he keeps today’s performance up an look out Pete…. Don once again scared the begevers out of the elite if it wasn’t for that damn rudder …… an my man ricky  he knew when to take off  allowing Paul to receive the scared last spot  NOT HAPPY RICKY   when I did get to sail  the tussle I had with predator was most enjoyable but skill soon took over  an I left him in my wake  ( narh never happened )  Geoffrey and Stuart  god their good to watch  so much talent there   BROTHERS TWO   Paul and Justin  geeeze there getting good   an to finish with a hip hip hooray to Mr nice fella UNCLE G   for his unselfish desire to allow Phil  a true blue boatie fella to sail his boat while he under took the PTO  job and he was so keen to turn boats around even when I didn’t cross the line  before time (twice )     WELL DONE to our admiral today a fine graceful winning session god damn were getting good at this

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        Great Videos! Thank you Kermit and Mike, well done!

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      Pics, videos & Score sheet now posted

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        Thanks Mike, good job as always. 👍

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      Thanks for an putting up with my DF 65 getting in the way. Lots of fun and I learned a lot. Very different from the big heavy offshore boats I am more used to, and a lot more challenging in many ways. Next week is going to be good!

      Love the videos, thanks Kermit, and know I know what really happened up the top mark



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        Yes Ben, no real time feedback when sailing RC yachts.

        Its amazing what you see differently when watching the races on video playback. Kermit did a good job capturing all the action today.

        It will be different next week when all the yachts are the same as yours, makes a lot of difference to the tactics.

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        Great to have you with us Ben. You get used to the difference very quickly, even the quandary of left/right rudder as your boat is coming towards you disappears after a few race days.

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