RC BOATING YACHTING Sailing at Puddleduck Sailing @ Puddleduck 2019 Puddleduck Vineyard Racing 19.3.19

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      Day dawned to a perfect weather forecast for sailing @ the Duck. Sunny, light Northerlies swinging more South as the day progressed.

      The Championships are finished, the rush to prepare and get ready for them now gone; it’s time for some fun!

      Eight other skippers thought so too as we laid our course and the button was pushed.

      The races began slowly, very slowly as the Northerlies fidgeted about. Eventually after a period or Southerly indecision they settled down and provided some champagne sailing.

      First blood to Stuart #58 as he flew out of the pack in great form. Unfortunately this was short lived as by the time next race was underway he had collected some shrubbery and claimed a DNF. Stuart sailed well for the rest of the day, claiming an excellent third overall.

      John #62 got into the action by race three and managed to beat out brother Mike #96 to the finish. John was sailing a 65 and did a great job however as the breeze settled and strengthened he was overcome by the horsepower of the bigger 95’s

      Pete #78 aka Pink Bits was on a test sail today with a brand new hull. The striking contrast between black hull and bright pink sails was noticed easily passing a number of (very) surprised 95’ skippers at different times.

      Like John #62 above, success today was about horsepower and the 95’s dominated in that department. Got a feeling next weeks 65’s are going to be very interesting!

      A mixed day for our Kermit #82 as early good results faded despite a few thrilling finishes in his favour.

      A mixed day also from Mike #96 who peaked early, hit a slow patch then finished the last race with a second.

      Always a threat was our Geoff #79 taking out a first in race three and a second place in race seven he found trouble at times with other annoying boats in his way and still managed a fifth overall for the day.

      Always a good competitor, our Gerald #02 put in a strong showing today proving his Peter Smith Memorial third place at the recent Championships was no accident. Three firsts over the day were unfortunately brought down by less than stellar finishes in other races. Nevertheless a fourth overall for the day was not one bit shabby.

      Risdon Brook visitor Jammy Jones put in a good day at the pond and despite finishing at the pointy end with no firsts, claimed second overall.

      It was Col’s turn today with a first, two seconds and three thirds. The Black Pearl sailed well today despite her skipper not getting right of way from the fountain in race three. Such is life.

      After eight races with one drop the final results were:

      John on 61 points, Pete on 46, Kermit on 34, Mike on 32, Geoff on 30, Gerald on 27, Stuart on 21, Jammy on 19 and Col on 16 points.


      Thanks to the Merry Men for yet another delightful day in sailing paradise with great company.

      Next week is DF65’s and check out the calendar for a small change to our sailing schedule.


      Starting next month this will look like DF65’s for all Tuesdays EXCEPT for the last Tuesday in each month now set aside for DF95’s.

      In addition there is planned to be gatherings each Friday morning of DF95’s in Lauderdale Canal at the Western end (near the bridge).

      Check the calendar for more information

      Hope to see you there!

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      Gentlemen and Pinky….. tis unfortunate that the green machine and I will not be there to beat the pants of you all but the ol thing …the dragon .. the one who must be obeyed … only lets me out to play on Tuesdays and  Saturday morning   Friday is the only free day Im allowed out…. restricted ofcouse to Eastland  where Im installed on a bench seat and allowed to dribble as the young chickie babes walk. past….and to reflect on my wayfull past    but  to be honest I don’t mind it at all  so I will continue sailing on Saturday  with my allotted time……    kermit la frog

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